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SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration Masterclass: Stockholm (October 7)

On October 7, I will be presenting the SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration Masterclass in Stockholm (Sweden), in conjunction with Acando.

SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration Masterclass is the essential guide on how to create SharePoint business success. It provides a forum for discussion, learning and engagement on a successful approach to use and govern SharePoint for collaboration, related to aspects such as Business, Technology and Humanity.

The Master Class is a one day seminar, with Michael Sampson, an internationally recognized Collaboration Strategist. You will have the opportunity to discuss, debate and share knowledge and experiences with other attendees, representing possible partners in Knowledge.

The seminar is not focused on SharePoint features. It addresses optimal approaches of Planning and Governance to make SharePoint a success inside your business and organization.

Thanks to Oscar Berg and team for organising this.

Registration is open immediately.

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