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Does the iPad support a Dvorak keyboard on-screen?

One of the joys (!!) of not typing QWERTY is having to figure out whether new devices support the Dvorak keyboard layout. I actually purchased a computer once without realizing that it didn’t support Dvorak … for me, typing is just typing, and I forget that I’m “different” now. Oh well …

The question of the day is whether the new Apple iPad supports an on-screen Dvorak keyboard, or not. Does anyone know?

Apparently, the answer is “no” or “not yet.”

  • The iPad supports an external keyboard using the Dvorak layout, but not on-screen. See MacWorld Forums (January-June 2010) and CNET Reviews (April 2010)
  • But … there is an iTunes app called Dvorak Keyboard (by DK Digital Media) that supports the Dvorak keyboard on screen, for iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. Anyone tried this?

Any help much appreciated … thanks.

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