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Reminder: User Adoption Strategies for SharePoint – the New Zealand Tour is Next Week!

Four days left in the office before I head off around the country for the “User Adoption Strategies for SharePoint Tour.” Are you coming?

In late July 2010, I will be touring the North Island of New Zealand, taking my research around user adoption strategies for SharePoint to the local SharePoint User Groups. My thanks to the various people that made this possible!

Here’s the overview of the session:

What’s the number one complaint from people charged with the implementation of new collaboration tools? They do the work, and then no one uses them! The very people whom the new tools are intended to help, empower, enable, and enhance ultimately reject the new tools and don’t use them. That’s not a good outcome!

In this session, Michael outlines key strategies that can be used to encourage user adoption of SharePoint for collaboration, based on SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration. This baseline is then extended with a discussion of Michael’s recent global survey on the use and effectiveness of user adoption strategies for SharePoint. Interestingly, the most commonly used user adoption strategies are NOT the most effective, so come and learn how to maximise your user adoption strategy.

The four events are:
Auckland, July 27 (lunchtime, 12.30pm)
Hamilton, July 28 (morning, 10am)
Tauranga, July 28 (afternoon, 3pm)
Wellington, July 29 (evening, 6pm)

Registration is required for all events, but attendance is free.

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