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This Week in Lotus Podcast

This Week in Lotus is a new weekly roundtable discussion about all things Lotus. I had the privilege of being a roundtable member in the fifth This Week in Lotus discussion, recorded last week. I asked to be on so I could talk about my new book, but the discussion was much broader and richer than that – really neat to think about some key issues in the Lotus community.

Our fifth episode, recorded on Friday (25 June 2010). An inter-continental conversation about App Stores, bundled applications, driving adoption and much more.

Show Notes:
– It’s all about the apps:
– Ongoing discussion from posts of last two weeks – Jon Vaughan et al
– Now Ed Brill has moved the discussion onto a couple of areas that were mentioned in previous threads – Ways to improve developer resources, and free apps)
– Will an AppCatalog or AppStore really be the answer?
– Is OpenNTF the store?
– Who exactly are we targeting (users, admins, developers, executives)?
– How can ISVs make Lotus apps easier to consume and deploy?

Thanks to Stuart McIntyre and Darren Duke for the invitation to take part, and a hat-tip to the other roundtable member, Eric Mack. We had a great discussion …

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