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Mobile Devices for Collaboration – Recent News (Wednesday, June 30)

Cisco announced the Cisco Cius for on-the-go video communications.
– Supports Cisco TelePresence equipment, as an endpoint.
– “Cisco Cius offers HD video streaming and real-time video, multi-party conferencing, email, messaging, browsing, and the ability to produce, edit and share content stored locally or centrally in the cloud.
– Based on the Android operating system.
– General availability scheduled for 1Q 2011
My analysis: Cisco is positioning itself strongly to become a viable collaboration provider. This is further evidence of their intent.

Huddle released a BlackBerry application for its collaboration service.
– Gives full access to document sharing, project tasks, discussions and whiteboards
– Huddle has released a full native app for BlackBerry
– There are also apps for the iPhone and iPad
– Available immediately.
My analysis: Good to see further developments in the mobile access space. I’ve been talking about this for a long time; great to see it happening.

Marc shares his take on the Apple iPad.
– 10 things to fall in love with, including (1) form, fit and finish, (2) speed, and (5) networking, among others.
– 10 barriers to adoption, including (1) cloudless, (5) no mouse support, and (8) clueless practices.
– Marc sees a lot of potential within an academic context, for students and lecturers, but notes there are problems to overcome.

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