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NHS Article on SharePoint and Collaboration

About a month ago, I spoke with Sally Whittle (long-distance, weird time of day call) about SharePoint for collaboration. Sally was getting ready to write an article for Microsoft’s NHS Resource Centre. The article is now live …

SharePoint is Microsoft’s world-leading collaboration and workflow system and is widely used in NHS organisations. Sally Whittle met world-renowned, independent team performance specialist Michael Sampson for some tips on how to get the most out of it.

As a consultant specialising in collaboration strategies, Michael Sampson is one of the world’s leading experts on SharePoint. The author of User Adoption Strategies has advised companies all over the world on how SharePoint can support better information sharing and collaboration.

He says the single biggest mistake managers make when using SharePoint is to fail to consider how they can best make use of the collaboration platform’s features.

“I often see SharePoint being used as a glorified file server, where people download or drop documents, but the potential of the platform is so much greater than that,” Sampson says. When used to its full potential, SharePoint can help organisations to reduce the time taken to author a document by 50% and reduce storage requirements by as much as 85%.

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(Thanks Sally!)