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User Adoption Strategies (2010): Chapter 1 is Now Available

I have just posted Chapter 1 of User Adoption Strategies, my new book.

Here’s what you’ll find in the 24 page PDF:
– a couple of quotes, one from Jane McConnell, and one from Lynn Warneke.
– the Acknowledgements section
– the brief Table of Contents
– Nancy White’s Foreword
– Chapter 1, Focusing on User Adoption is Critical.

The chapter has the following major headings:
– The “Why” of User Adoption Strategies
– What’s the Cost of Not Doing It?
– User Adoption Strategies – The What
– Second Wave People
– “Users” or “Staff Members”
– Summary

The chapter is available for immediate download. There is no cost, although Registration is required.

Link: Chapter 1 of User Adoption Strategies

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