Gavin's Review of User Adoption Strategies – the Book

My long-time friend Gavin Knight tweeted about his review of part of my new book, User Adoption Strategies: Shifting Second Wave People to New Collaboration Technology:

I just had a great conversation with @collabguy giving my feedback having concept reviewed part of his next book – it’s good! @gavinknight

It was great to get Gavin’s feedback. He picked up on a few things I had been wondering about … one of the labels in the Four Stage model of User Adoption didn’t quite hit it, and that Chapter 3 in its current state was TOO LONG.

So … there’s a new name for Stage 2 in the model. And the book is now 12 chapters, with Chapter 3 being split down the middle — the new Chapter 3 is just on Change, and the new Chapter 4 is on New Ways of Working.

As an author, it’s super helpful to have trusted colleagues who can review upcoming material, and give critical and constructive feedback. Gavin definitely plays that role for me. Thanks Gavin!

It’s … almost … done.

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