Adoption & Effective Use

Luis on User Adoption: The Role of Education

Luis wrote last week about 3 barriers to adoption of collaboration tools in the enterprise. Number 3 was about the lack of education in using the tools.

Luis wrote:

Time and time again, plenty of businesses take for granted such important task of educating their workforce not only on the tools available to them out there, but also on how to use them effectively and efficiently to carry out, successfully, their day to day tasks. They would give their workforce a laptop, a mobile phone, an email address, a few links to explore and off you go and find out everything else by yourself. Oh, and in your own time, since during work hours you have got to do what you were hired for in the first place: work!

That’s not how collaboration works, I am afraid. Knowledge workers need to be educated on a rather regular basis on how to make use of these tools; how to use them properly and embed them into their day to day workload / business processes. It’s an on-going effort of showing and demonstrating not only the capabilities of the tools in place, but also the many various business benefits. It’s all about having an education roadmap on collaboration tools so that different tasks and activities have got an opportunity to be executed using some of these tools. In a way, it’s an education roadmap on demonstrating how your knowledge workforce can work smarter, not necessarily harder.

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