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User Adoption Strategies: The Central Desktop Approach

Published: March 2010

This report analyses the use and effectiveness of user adoption strategies for the Central Desktop service, among a reference group of current Central Desktop client organizations.

Table of Contents
The report is 20-pages in length. The report contents includes:

The Strategic Context
Central Desktop Plus Other Tools (Question 1)
Smaller Organizations Use Central Desktop (Question 2)
Few Organizations Have a Written User Adoption Strategy (Question 3)
Use of Particular User Adoption Strategies (Question 4)
Effectiveness of User Adoption Strategies (Question 5)
– Common Strategies vs. Effective Strategies
User Adoption Strategies: What Worked Well (Question 6)
– Strategy 1. Zero Other Options
– Strategy 2. Make It Real
– Strategy 3. People with Influence
– Strategy 4. Contextualized Web-Based Training
– Strategy 5. Training on Basic Concepts
– Strategy 6. Just Start
User Adoption Strategies: Doing Differently (Question 7)
– Recommendation 1. Make It Real
– Recommendation 2. Better Understanding of the Service
– Recommendation 3. Better Initial Training
– Recommendation 4. Executive Support and Action
– Other Recommendations
Your Roadmap to Successful User Adoption

This report is for any organization looking at using the Central Desktop service, who wants to make effective decisions about user adoption.

Download User Adoption Strategies: The Central Desktop Approach (March 2010) (PDF, 20 pages, 0.4 MB)

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