Adoption & Effective Use

Update on User Adoption Strategies Survey

Many thanks to the 407 people who took the User Adoption Strategies report. There is some fantastic material in there, and while I’ve been talking about it all over Europe, I haven’t published the findings here yet.

Now that I’m back, that’s about to change. There will be three editions of the report:
– An edition that looks at the user adoption strategies of the Central Desktop respondents. It’s almost done. It’s 22 pages long now, and I have final copy editing to do on it. I’m hoping to have it published before the week is out.
– An edition for SharePoint Roadmap Governance Themes, looking at the user adoption strategies for organizations using SharePoint. I’m hoping to have this out before the end of March.
– A general edition with all results.

If you filled out the survey and left your name and email address, you’ll get one of the three reports as my thanks. Based on your response to Question 1 (“what products are you using?”), I’m going to guess at which one you want! And if you don’t like the default option you are offered, feel free to come back and request one of the other two.