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News Updates (February 15, 2010)

Microsoft After RIM … Is Microsoft about to make an acquisition of RIM? “Arguments for a possible acquisition, in McKechnie’s opinion, include RIM’s “dominant position in the enterprise, which MSFT could [make use of] to [improve] its Exchange business and add up to [about] $5 billion in recurring revenue should it reach 100 million subscribers.” Such an acquisition would strengthen Microsoft’s ability to compete for mobile customers against Google and Apple.More

Twitter for RIM … RIM introduced an invite-only beta of a new Twitter client for BlackBerry clients. “Our first impression of it is that the interface of the application looks awfully similar to that of Facebook for BlackBerry. The beta appears to be available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese only. We’re learning that just like the Facebook app for BlackBerry, Twitter for BlackBerry does not cache tweets, so you have to wait a few seconds every time you access Twitter for BlackBerry for the stream of updates to load.More
– More comment at Best Mobile Contracts

Windows Phone 7 … Microsoft unveiled the next iteration of its Windows Mobile offering — Windows Phone 7 Series. “With Windows Phone 7 Series, Microsoft takes a fundamentally different approach to phone software. Smart design begins with a new, holistic design system that informs every aspect of the phone, from its visually appealing layout and motion to its function and hardware integration. On the Start screen, dynamically updated “live tiles” show users real-time content directly, breaking the mold of static icons that serve as an intermediate step on the way to an application. Create a tile of a friend, and the user gains a readable, up-to-date view of a friend’s latest pictures and posts, just by glancing at Start.More

VirtoSoftware Calendar for SharePoint … VirtoSoftware introduced version 3.0 of Calendar, an add-on calendaring web part for SharePoint. “Version 3.0 now supports Microsoft Exchange Server, allowing SharePoint users to view, edit and manage events from three distinctive data sources (SharePoint lists, SQL tables and Microsoft Exchange Calendar) in a single SharePoint calendar. Key features of the new version include: (1) Display any number of Exchange calendars from distinct users in a single SharePoint calendar; (2) Create, edit and delete an Exchange calendar event via SharePoint calendar with full synchronization of SharePoint and Exchange calendars; (3) Color-code events from different calendars; and (4) Set tooltips for calendar events displaying description, timeframes, event participants or any other event field.More
– Mmm, I wonder how many of the Pillar 4 failings of SharePoint this resolves?

Outlook for Mac … ArsTechnica discusses Outlook for Mac, and what was announced last week at MacWorld. “The bit of news that generated the most questions—at least to those of us in the Ars Orbiting HQ—is related to Outlook for Mac. Old is new again, at least for Mac users who have been begging Microsoft for years to introduce an e-mail client comparable to its Windows offerings. The company announced the arrival of Outlook to the Mac back in August of 2009, but revealed this week that Outlook 2011 would have support for .PST files. The good news, as we discovered by sitting down with the Mac BU, is that Outlook for Mac will support bringing them in from Outlook for Windows. The bad news is that the company has “nothing to announce” (at least not at this point) regarding auto-archiving to PST.More

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