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Update on Attensa: Supporting Organizational Collaboration

It’s been a while since Attensa announced StreamServer (September 2009), another go at its idea of collecting and sharing happenings from across the enterprise and adding groupings and sharing options. From the press release:

The growth of networked information and the silo’d nature of many systems is making it hard and expensive for businesses to find, monitor and share important information and knowledge. The challenge is increasing because of the pace of new content creation being fueled by social software applications. This problem impacts business execution and, in-turn, revenue generation, customer relationships, efficiency and innovation.

Attensa StreamServer solves this problem by aggregating information from enterprise business applications, social and collaborative platforms and other content sources. The information is then organized and streamed to users or groups as secure information channels. Attensa also enables users to find and share knowledge across systems and throughout the organization.

Channels can be streamed to users via desktop, mobile and other integrated applications providing them with a flexible information dashboard spanning systems and sources across the enterprise.

By leveraging existing systems and institutional knowledge Attensa delivers immediate business impact and enhances the value of in-place information technology assets.

Source: Attensa White Paper (PDF)

I have been reading through the Attensa site today, in preparation for some upcoming blog posts on my Organizational Collaboration: Four Foundations project. What really stands out to me is the alignment between my view of organizational collaboration and what Attensa has developed. As in:
– the ability to look across multiple systems, rather than being constrained to one system.
– the normalization capabilities, for bringing items together from different sytems.
– the ability to make new happenings available in a variety of formats, and to different devices.
– the ability for people to enhance what is published in a channel, through comments, tags, and re-publication options.

Mmm, interesting times.