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News Updates (January 27, 2010)

Polycom and Juniper … Polycom and Juniper announced a partnership to improve visual collaboration tools. “Juniper Networks and Polycom, Inc. today announced an alliance focused on improving the reliability, cost-effectiveness and quality of the customer experience for telepresence and video conferencing services. Anchored by dynamic signaling between the Juniper network resource control platform and the Polycom video call control system, the joint managed video services solution will reduce total capital expense and ongoing operating and maintenance costs and requirements, while improving the delivery and manageability of visual communications. Scheduled for release in mid 2010, the alliance will deliver an intelligent service provider solution that enables assured-quality managed video services over a converged network. As the industry’s first “conferencing-aware” network solution, it will help drive costs out of the delivery of high-value telepresence and comprehensive video conferencing managed services by allowing service providers to maximize the capabilities of their existing network. Implementing a single-network solution is a significantly more scalable and profitable model for service providers compared to the current overlay network model for supporting telepresence and video conferencing services.More
– One analyst says this could be a rival to what Cisco is doing.

Visual Collaboration Demand Increasing … Frost & Sullivan point to many parallel trends that are driving demand for visual collaboration. “In addition, growing concerns about the environmental impact of business operations are motivating companies to look toward eco-friendly solutions that will not require a large investment. Another factor that significantly adds to the rising adoption of visual collaboration services in general is the dispersed workforce that needs to stay in touch with each other and their clients. The recent swine flu pandemic has proved that using online collaboration tools, including visual collaboration, has helped in preserving business continuity.More

Telepresence Interoperability … Cisco released an interoperability protocol for telepresence systems, and announced early adopters. “Building on its history of using open standards to break down the barriers to intercompany collaboration, Cisco today announced the release of an interoperability protocol to the public domain that allows multiscreen telepresence systems to interoperate. Telepresence customers now have a way to improve communications with vendors, suppliers and partners while maintaining an immersive telepresence experience. LifeSize, TANDBERG and RADVISION have signed agreements to license the Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP). Cisco has offered to license its protocol to industry participants royalty free.More

Shareflow Updates … Zenbe said that Shareflow, its real-time collaboration service, will soon support email notifications. “Shareflow users will get real-time email notifications when new posts appear. Replying to an email notification shows up as a comment on Shareflow, and sends an email notification to other flow members.
Now your whole team stays connected on Shareflow whether you choose to use it through email, on the web site, via the desktop widget, or on your mobile device.
Real-time email notifications are delivered in addition to your daily digests. Both types of email updates can be turned on or off independently.

Google Apps Problems … Dan thinks Google is overplaying its hand with Google Apps, and needs to do more engineering work to make it more robust. “There are times when you are writing a document or working on an e-mail when Google Apps just can’t figure out how to save your content. I use Google’s Chrome browser, and this still happens to me about once or twice a day. When it does, I have to copy the work I am doing, reload the page, paste the work back and then save. This is not something most people will find acceptable. There are other ease-of-use problems that are quite significant. For example, Google took a large step forward with its shared folders. But when you are browsing the folder structure and you create a document while looking in a folder, the document created is not associated with that folder. You have to go back to the root folder, find your document and associate it manually with the folder you were in. Do you sometimes forget to do that? Yes. How fast does this become annoying? Right away.More

MindManager 8 for Mac … Mindjet released version 8 of Mindmanager for the Mac. New features: integration with desktop tools, map sharing, calendar integration, and more. Available immediately. More

Enterprise 2.0 in 2010 … The folks at NewsGator have been thinking about what’s coming in 2010 for Enterprise 2.0. “We could make a million Enterprise 2.0 predictions for 2010, but nine jump out to us as especially salient. And since these lists always have “10 things,” can you help us out by offering a 10th prediction? Think about it as you read the list below.More

Other News
– William talks about some of the new things in Outlook 2010.

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