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News Updates (January 21, 2010)

Yuuguu Corporate … Yuuguu launched a corporate edition of its web conferencing and online collaboration platform. “Yuuguu Corporate provides advanced branding options by allowing users to fully embed a web conferencing entry page into the organisation’s website, so steering participants to the organisation’s website rather than a web conferencing provider’s site. Yuuguu Corporate is also setting a new standard in custom branding of web conferencing sessions by enabling companies to integrate their own corporate identity into the login screens and background of a conferencing session.More

Quest on Notes Migration … Quest Software released a new version of its Notes to SharePoint migration tool, with new support for SharePoint 2010. “Notes Migrator simplifies the migration process, increasing predictability, mitigating the risks and reducing the costs associated with Notes migrations. Notes Migrator for Exchange is part of Quest’s suite of Notes transition solutions. Quest provides a complete migration solution to Exchange, SharePoint, Office Communications Server and the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), along with products for pre-migration assessment, coexistence and application rebuilding. Quest also offers a global sales force, a certified partner community and 24/7/365 support.More

MetaVis on SharePoint Migration … MetaVis released an upgrade of its SharePoint to SharePoint migration tool set. “The new MetaVis Migrator for SharePoint allows users to intelligently copy sites, lists, libraries, folders or individual items between SharePoint environments for consolidation, upgrade or compliance purposes. Users can easily load files from network drives and classify legacy or imported content to unlock the full potential of SharePoint search and navigation. MetaVis Migrator does not require any components or agents installed on the SharePoint server making it ideal for secure hosted environments.More

MessageSolution Archiving for Quickr … MessageSolution introduced an archiving solution for Lotus Quickr. “MessageSolution Enterprise Archive Suite allows single-instance storage of a document transversely from Lotus Domino servers, Lotus Quickr servers, (or Microsoft Exchange & SharePoint) and from file servers. MessageSolution Enterprise Quickr Archive also supports policy management, ensures compliance content control, and to set detailed retention policies by having all Quickr contents stored in one centralized archive. MessageSolution Enterprise Quickr Archive also coincides with contributing to litigation support and electronic discovery for legal counsels and HR managers.More
– see my recent article Archiving and eDiscovery for Collaboration Systems, in Messaging News for context.

Little Rules of Action … Leo’s got a great list called “The Little Rules of Action”. “Too often we get stuck in inaction — the quagmire of doubt and perfectionism and distractions and planning that stops us from moving forward. And while I’m no proponent of a whirling buzz of activity, I also believe people get lost in the distractions of the world and lose sight of what’s important, and how to actually accomplish their Something Amazing. And so today I’d like to humbly present a few little rules of action — just some small reminders, things I’ve found useful but by no means invented, common-sense stuff that is often not common enough.More

oneDrum Review … Information Age reviews the capabilities of oneDrum; some “interesting” perspectives on the wider collaboration market though. “The company’s product, it claims, allows users of on-premise Microsoft Office applications to collaborate in a fashion previously confined to cloud-based tools. It does this through peer-to-peer technology: All the employees working on a document have a copy of it on their local machine; any changes they make are instantly enacted on all the other versions.More

Sheri on Lotusphere … Sheri from Forrester shares her take on Lotusphere 2010. “Given the concerted effort to solve iWorker pain points through actual use cases, within their core customer industries like banking and healthcare, Lotus is able to deliver what Google Wave fails to address: providing a solution that improves personal productivity without forcing a change in work behavior. The “build it and they will come” approach generally fails. Just look at any efforts around document collaboration and team sites usage. Incrementally improving upon the investments that you already have without forcing a cultural change, however, will be a powerful differentiator. Who knew? Lotus.More

Memeo Connect for Google Apps … Memeo released a desktop application for Google Apps, that offers synchronization capabilities. “Memeo Connect, released Monday, requires a Google Apps Premier Edition account to function. Premier Edition is the paid version of Google Apps and costs $50 per user annually. Priced at $9 per user annually, Memeo Connect tries to solve two issues, first that Google and Microsoft use different file formats for document storage, and second, the challenge of keeping files synchronized between Google’s cloud-based storage and multiple desktops.More

Harris Stratex Reduced Travel by 30% … Harris Stratex reduced travel by 30% through a deployment of LifeSize HD video conferencing systems. “In 2008, we spent $17 million on travel,” said Linda Carr, director of global IT, operations and infrastructure for Harris Stratex Networks. “In the first six months of using LifeSize, we saved $2.25 million. The LifeSize systems have virtually paid for themselves twice over.” “We performed a detailed cost analysis, and determined that for the investment, LifeSize effectively addressed the needs of our organization, allowing us to enable 50 sites with HD video conferencing,” continued Carr. “In addition, we could do it all on our existing, newly updated network infrastructure – no waiting for the manufacturer to approve configurations and networks beforehand, which can be timely and expensive. With LifeSize, we realized our ROI in about four months.” More
– The company also reduced its use of other collaboration systems, such as spending $35-$50K per month with WebEx.

Other Items
– Apple is thinking about going Microsoft for search on the iPhone (and tablet, if it happens). More from ComputerWorld.
– Per Seth, it’s okay to fail some of the time.
– Press release from IBM about its expanded mobile device support.
– Good article on procrastination. Put it down to read tomorrow.
– End of 2009 review from Colligo: we had a good year.

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