SharePoint for Collaboration: Site Creation Rights

Published January 2010

This report analyzes the governance theme of Site Creation Rights when using SharePoint for collaboration.

Table of Contents
The report is 26-pages in length. The report contents includes:

The Issue
The Options
– Stage 1. The Request
– Stage 2. The Approval
– Stage 3. Actioning
The Patterns
– Pattern 1 “Wild West”
– Pattern 4 “IT Holds the Reins”
– Pattern 13 “Business Oversight”
– Pattern 15 “Workflow Enabled”
Current Practice
– Use of Collaboration Team Sites in SharePoint
– Number of Collaboration Team Sites in Use Today
– Years Using SharePoint for Collaboration
– Permission to Request New Sites
– Approach to Requesting New Sites
– Approval of New Sites
– Who Approves the New Site?
– Creating the New Site
– Rationale for the Current Approach
– Difference from 12 Months Ago
– Anticipated Difference in 12 Months Time

This report is for Governance Teams charged with making effective use of SharePoint for collaboration at their organizations.

Download SharePoint for Collaboration: Site Creation Rights (April 2010) (PDF, 26 pages, 0.6 MB)

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