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News Updates (January 13, 2010)

BlackBerry for Connections and Quickr … IBM announced the availability of Lotus Connections and Lotus Quickr clients for the BlackBerry. “The BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Connections and BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Quickr allows people to collaborate in real time with their colleagues, maintain their productivity while away from their desk, and speed up decision making while “on the go”. Users are able to share work items, work on initiatives together, find expertise, contribute to their communities and leverage their collective knowledge base to drive better outcomes wherever they are.More (hat tip, Stuart)

VMware Acquired Zimbra … VMware acquired Zimbra from Yahoo. “This acquisition will further VMware’s mission of taking complexity out of the datacenter, desktop, application development and core IT services, and delivering a fundamentally more efficient and new approach to IT …. VMware plans to support existing Zimbra products and open source efforts while further optimizing Zimbra products for vSphere-based cloud infrastructure, alongside Microsoft, IBM and other messaging and collaboration solutions.More
– Purchase price was about $100 million, a far cry from the $350 million that Yahoo originally paid.
– This signals a move up the software stack, into collaboration and applications.

User Adoption on SharePoint … Lee Reed is running a webinar on user adoption in SharePoint, on January 27. “During this webinar, Lee Reed, Senior Principal Consultant at Northridge, leverages extensive SharePoint expertise to help you consider SharePoint from the perspective of your user community. Whether your organization is new to SharePoint or have been utilizing the platform for several years, this webinar will provide you with the non-technical, best practice tips to assist in enhancing acceptance and usage of SharePoint’s capabilities.” Registration required. More

RIM BlackBerry Presenter … RIM released the BlackBerry Presenter, an add-on for most BlackBerry devices to enable a wireless connection with a data projector. “BlackBerry Presenter gives users easy control of their presentations, allowing them to navigate their presentations, view speaker notes, loop presentation slides and even reference information on one slide while displaying another. Thanks to a wireless (Bluetooth®) connection between the BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry Presenter, users can also walk around freely while presenting (supports roaming up to 30 feet between the devices).” Available sometime. More

Saying No … Catrin offers some ideas on how to say “no” to other people, in the context of lawyers and law firms. “Consider this – how many things do you do for clients which aren’t really necessary but which your client has talked you into doing, and which you agree to just for a quiet life? Sometimes, what you should be doing is having that difficult conversation with your client to explain that you’re not going to carry out their request because it’s against your advice, unreasonable, unnecessary, disproportionate or a waste of resources. If you’re doing unnecessary work against your better judgement are you really acting in your client’s best interests?More

Central Desktop 2009 Review … Central Desktop had a great year in 2009, with good growth in key metrics. “Central Desktop fueled its momentum in 2009 with the addition of hundreds of new Enterprise Edition customers such as Netflix, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Empowered Media, CBS, Powertek, DIRECTV PanAmericana and University of Wisconsin-Madison. Enterprise Edition sales in the fourth quarter of 2009 increased by more than 600% compared to the fourth quarter of 2008. The company continues to gain significant traction among mid-market customers across key vertical markets including education, manufacturing, software, marketing and non-profits/associations.More

IBM Lotus Re-Org … IBM re-organized the IBM Software Group, which includes the Lotus branded products. “Taking this from the top down, IBM Software will now have two focus areas — a solutions group, lead by Mike Rhodin (yes, the former Lotus GM), and a middleware group, lead by Robert LeBlanc (who has been running IBM software sales). Worldwide sales for IBM Software will now be headed up by Bob Picciano. The new Lotus General Manager will be Alistair Rennie, who you all know from his previous positions running our development organization, ISSL, and Lotus marketing; Lotus will be part of the solutions group under Rhodin.More

Other Items
– Google Docs now supports documents up to 250 MB.
– PBWorks introduced a range of collaboration templates for groups and teams.
– SharePoint Saturday is coming to Perth on February 6.

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