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News Updates (December 15, 2009)

Coveo on Value of Search … Coveo is hosting a Webinar on December 16, focused on quantifying the value of enterprise search. “Trent Parkhill, Vice President, IT Services, Haley & Aldrich will discuss and demonstrate how he configured the firm’s enterprise search solution to generate high levels of collaboration. Haley & Aldrich is a top engineering firm, with a resume of more than 20,000 engineering and environmental consulting projects and 21 offices nationwide. Parkhill will also discuss the vendor selection process, the value search is delivering to the business, and how he quantifies the ROI from the firm’s Coveo Enterprise Search implementation.” Registration required. More

PC at Work … More enterprise workers are clamouring for newer models of end user computing in the office. “In answering the question, “What is your preferred form of personal computer technology for work?” 55 percent of the 532 respondents favored a non-traditional approach to workplace productivity. Of those respondents, 36 percent said that they prefer to bring their own PCs to work, while 19 percent indicated that they prefer to use a hosted virtual desktop. Less than half– 45 percent — said they still favor a PC provided and managed by their company.More

RIM AppWorld in NZ and Australia … RIM released its App World in New Zealand and the Western Island. “Blackberry owners can access App World via wi-fi or mobile networks to access a range of applications across categories such as entertainment, IM and social networking, news, weather, and productivity …. App World has a number of features including top downloads, search/filter, reviews, recommend apps, applications storage, and application archiving.More

LumoFlow … LumoFlow is a collaboration service focused on supporting social collaboration. “LumoFlow consists of three basic service areas; desktop, collaboration and knowledge. Desktop is the sort of dashboard view of your workspace from your point of view. There you’re able to see the incoming messages from other people as well as the tasks that have been assigned to you in different projects. The collaboration area is where you have your project listing, calendar as well as all the people in the organization. The final part, knowledge, is a place where you can gather your documents and discussions. Another neat function there is the media tracker. You can set up keywords that the service will automatically follow from selected media sources. I’m not sure exactly what the use case for this is, but it could turn in handy with very specific keywords for certain projects.More

ActionBase for SharePoint … ActionBase released a namesake product for SharePoint, offering process management capabilities. “ActionBase for SharePoint extends SharePoint functionality to support unstructured, human processes and to act as a system of record for all process-related items. It tracks and links group collaborative process-related activities and documents within the SharePoint group site and provides management and status reports on organizations’ unstructured, human processes. ActionBase offers out-of-the-box MOSS-based human process management applications for working groups in audit, compliance, investigations, claims, fraud, contract management and for corporate decision management.More

Novell Restructuring … Novell announced a restructuring to focus on emerging market needs and opportunities. “Novell today announced a reorganization of its structure and management to better align the business with its strategic objective to become the leader in the emerging Intelligent Workload Management (IWM) market, while continuing to develop world-class collaboration solutions. The changes are designed to streamline the organization and provide a clear focus on markets that leverage Novell’s strengths to capture future opportunities for growth.More

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– AOL may sell its ICQ instant messaging service.

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