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News Updates (December 14, 2009)

GroupSwim to Salesforce … acquired GroupSwim, a maker of community and organizational collaboration tools. “According to the GroupSwim site, existing users still have access “during this transition” but GroupSwim is not accepting any new registrations. The entire GroupSwim team (both US and Sweden based) has now been rolled into salesforce itself.More

IT Says No, Users Do It Anyway … When the IT department creates rules about sending large files, users find way around the rules. “The survey, conducted on behalf of Axway, revealed strong discrepancies between employees and their IT department on topics related to enterprise file transfer. It showed that 82 percent of employees use their personal email accounts to send large work-related files when an email attachment exceeds the size limit imposed by IT. IT professionals report this as their least-preferred method for file transfer. Physical media is also used by 80 percent of employees, which is also discouraged by IT. While personal email accounts are used by 82% of employees, only 18% of IT admins approve doing this. Other methods do not show a much higher congruence between methods used, and IT approval. 80% of employees have sent a file via courier or some other physical means, with only 20% of IT approving. 73% send the file to the IT department for delivery, with 27% of IT approving. Consumer instant messaging is used by 71%, with 29% of IT approving. Enterprise instant messaging is used by 61%, with 39% approving.More

Working More vs Accomplishing More … Good reminder from Mark about “doing less”. “Today the biggest productivity gains come from what we’ll call “leaps of imagination” rather than just doing more of the same faster. If we are so focused on doing more and more tasks, it can prevent us from really making the huge jumps in productivity that are possible. We can be much more productive by focusing on doing the right things instead of focusing on doing more things. What this means, exactly, is very dependent on your particular set of circumstances, your personality, and what you are trying to accomplish, but many people will benefit by trying to spend less time doing and more time thinking.More

Other Items
– Apple is experiencing problems with the screen on the iMac 27, and is delaying shipments as a result.
– Delivered Systems is going after the Exchange hosted email market, with a new Zimbra powered hosted service.

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