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News Updates (December 11, 2009)

IBM Cloud Computing Lab … IBM announced a new lab in Hong Kong, focused on IBM’s cloud computing portfolio. “IBM said Thursday that it opened a research lab in Hong Kong dedicated to developing products and services for the cloud computing market. At the outset, the lab will dedicate resources to supporting IBM’s online LotusLive offering. IBM currently counts more than 18 million users of LotusLive, which offers Web-based access to e-mail, instant messaging, calendaring, and other collaboration tools …. IBM said the Hong Kong center will research and develop best practices around various issues related to cloud computing, including security, privacy, and reliability. More

Lotus for Online Document Collaboration … IBM may be announcing a new collaborative document editing service at the upcoming Lotusphere in January 2010. “ … don’t miss this session to hear a new web-based document editing and sharing service from Lotus. This new collaborative document editing service will go far beyond basic web editing to deliver a cutting-edge user experience — supporting web, Lotus Symphony and mobile clients. We’ll demonstrate early builds, share our roadmap for market introduction and how it will fit with the larger Lotus portfolio. Don’t miss the opportunity to get an early preview!More

ECM Drivers in 2010 … A recent Forrester Research survey found that the top 3 drivers of ECM investments in 2010 are (1) content sharing, (2) compliance, and (3) search. “Forrester conducted survey with 170 ECM decision makers to get a feel for where the ECM market may be headed in 2010. And based on the results, it’s still a market in demand. The survey revealed at 72% of organizations are planning on spending money on ECM in the new year.More

Kim on SharePoint User Adoption … Kim outlines the key pain points for user adoption of SharePoint. “If you find that user adoption of SharePoint is avoided or slower than anticipated in your working environment, you are not alone. Many students that I have trained, consulted and listened to have expressed their pain points for SharePoint adoption. As I am blessed to work with and interact with many SharePoint users I have discovered and witnessed what works and what doesn’t for successfully increasing people’s use, acceptance, knowledge and confidence of SharePoint.More

SharePoint 2010 Goal: End Users Front-and-Center … One of the key goals Microsoft had in developing SharePoint 2010 is to drive user uptake. “He points out that the path of ECM is littered with failure and that Microsoft’s goal with SharePoint 2010 is to put the end user front and center (while providing more comprehensive back-end administration). The idea, he explains is to get the end user to use the system. If it’s too hard or too restrictive, then end users will always find ways to work around the system to the detriment of the CMS. It will be interesting to see as the SharePoint 2010 beta goes into wider use, and use cases emerge, how well Microsoft has solved this perennial issue.More

Jive vs MindTouch … Mark from MindTouch offers a comparison (words and table) between Jive Software and MindTouch. “I’m frequently asked what the difference is between MindTouch and Jive Software. The short answer is that Jive is a social business construct where MindTouch is more of a business application platform. Jive solves very specific business needs while MindTouch can solve a variety of business needs but typically needs customization for complex applications.More

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– RIM released an update to its BlackBerry for Mac software, to fix some minor issues.

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