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News Updates (December 7, 2009)

Building Trust … Tom reports from a recent discussion about building trust with other people. “Early on, I treasured the flow that one panelist, Terry Emmel, provided. Diagrammatically, it looks like this: Promise, Hope, Hope fulfilled, Trust. This suggests that leaders must be selective in making promises, then vigilant in actualizing them. If it turns out that a promise cannot be met, then early, effective communication is a necessity. Although there are a number of caveats associated with the creation of trust (be honest, don’t over-commit, maintain an open-door policy and so forth), the general flow is impressively and accurately concise. You could do worse than to type it up and make it visible for yourself and others. In fact, part of your next team meeting might be to discuss and adopt this as a standard.More

Cloud Computing: Security is Issue #1 … A recent Forrester Research survey found that security and privacy concerns are the number 1 issue for IT executives and technology decision-makers. “Forty-nine percent of survey respondents from enterprises and 51 percent from small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) cited security and privacy concerns as their top reason for not using cloud computing. The survey of more than 2,200 IT executives and technology decision-makers in Canada, France, Germany, the UK, and the US is Forrester’s largest annual survey of emerging hardware trends for both enterprises and SMBs. The survey is part of Forrester’s Business Data Services (BDS) series, which provides an extensive data set for B2B Market Research professionals’ go-to-market strategy assessments.” It’s unclear whether the survey asked about loss of job security as a driver. More

EtherPad to Google … Google acquired AppJet, makers of EtherPad, a real-time document collaboration tool. “We are happy to announce that AppJet Inc. has been acquired by Google. The EtherPad team will continue its work on realtime collaboration by joining the Google Wave team …. The EtherPad site will stay online through March 2010 with some restrictions. If you are a user of the Free Edition or Professional Edition, you can continue to use and edit your existing pads until March 31, 2010. No new free public pads may be created. Your pads will no longer be accessible after March 31, 2010, at which time your pads and any associated personally identifiable information will be deleted.More
– The real-time updating of text is the critical factor in making EtherPad work.
– ReadWriteWeb comments that the initial transition plan is seriously lacking.
– Based on many negative responses to the initial transition plan, EtherPad and Google revised the approach.
– Price wasn’t disclosed, but some reports peg it at $10 million.

Cisco Gets TANDBERG … Cisco announced that it controls more than 90% of the shares of TANDBERG. “Subject to the satisfaction or waiver of the remaining conditions to the offer as set forth in the offer document, dated October 7, 2009, Section 1.7, Cisco intends to make a compulsory acquisition of the remaining shares in TANDBERG pursuant to the Norwegian Public Companies Act and to proceed with an application for a de-listing of the shares of TANDBERG. In accordance with Section 1.7 (Conditions to the Offer) of the offer document, Cisco will issue a notification through the Oslo Stock Exchange as soon as each of the remaining conditions to the offer has been met, waived or failed to be met.More

SharedDoc for Document Collaboration … SharedDoc is opening its beta program to anyone; the online service is for commenting on documents. “For one thing, it’s easy to start and navigate a conversation in the comments. Each set of comments is attached to paragraphs, sentences, phrases, or individual words, and can be viewed in chronological order, like an email thread. You can also filter by a specific group or time, for example if you invited many people to comment on a document over several weeks, but now only want to see comments made by your core team in the last day. You can also save a document with comments as a PDF, and then print it out.” SharedDoc is a competitor to PleaseReview. More

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– Cost-effective broadband services are essential to widespread adoption of remote and virtual working arrangements.

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