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News Updates (November 27, 2009)

Delivering SharePoint Success … Dux is presenting a two-day workshop in Alexandria VA entitled “Delivering SharePoint Success: Mentoring Workshop”. “In order to achieve this goal, effectively managing SharePoint 2007 and 2010 projects is paramount. Executive support, proper planning, and appropriately managing expectations are crucial to ensure SharePoint success. How would you like to spend two days learning from Innovative-e? Our experienced team and proven techniques have enabled major clients and industry-leading partners to reap the benefits of successfully delivered SharePoint projects. In this two-day mentoring workshop, you will learn the practical skills to effectively manage a SharePoint project.More

SharePoint 2010 Beta Hosting … is negotiating with Microsoft about offering hosting services for the SharePoint 2010 beta. “ is currently in talks with Microsoft about offering a SharePoint 2010 Hosting beta to the public. Exclusive to, all SharePoint 2010 beta customers will be able to access the new platform to troubleshoot and code 3rd party web parts early. With this plan, licensing and adoption uptake will skyrocket when the final product is released to market.More

Workshare Compare for PowerPoint … Workshare added a new comparison product for PowerPoint slide decks. “Built on the company’s core comparison engine, Workshare Compare for PowerPoint provides exactly what its title promises: a tool for comparing different versions of PowerPoint presentations. Any two versions can be compared; changes, additions and deletions are highlighted with color codes; and users can choose to target specific slide elements, including text, text boxes, images, objects, hyperlinks, speaker notes, slide backgrounds and entire slides.” Available immediately. More

Wiki vs Word … Authors on a recent book project found the wiki too cumbersome for preparing the final document. “The project wiki was useful for collating content together, but it became cumbersome and ineffective for editing the final document together: it was too text-focussed and wasn’t useful for showing layout and graphics to the designer, and also it wasn’t appropriate for delivering to the client at NESTA and inviting formal feedback and signoff. We ended up collating the final handbook in Microsoft Word and using e-mail and tracked changes – which worked very efficiently but broke our collaborative approach in favour of getting the job done.More

LiquidPlanner for iPhone … LiquidPlanner launched its iPhone application, Mobile Dashboard. “Some of the key features of Mobile Dashboard include: (a) Instant Access to YourProjects — Upon logging into the Mobile Dashboard, subscribers see the same information that they see when logging into the LiquidPlanner dashboard via the browser. This ‘at-a-glance’ view provides teams with a quick way to see recent changes, view and add comments on their tasks, and log time on activities; (b) Team Collaboration via Workplace Chatter — Team members can stay current with the plan via LiquidPlanner’s integrated ‘Workplace Chatter’, a Twitter-like microblogging service that allows individual team members to post and record short messages which are then automatically attached to tasks and archived as part of the living project plan; (c) Integrated Task Management — Subscribers can view and edit their prioritized task lists, enter new tasks, assign owners, and leave comments for other team members within the Mobile Dashboard app; and (d) Scheduling and Time Tracking Capabilities — The Mobile Dashboard allows team members to quickly set promise dates, input ranged estimates, and log time against their activities. All changes made via the Mobile Dashboard automatically sync with the overall project plan. More

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