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News Updates (November 23, 2009)

SharedDoc … SharedDoc is a new document commenting service, for collaborative document reviews. “Once you upload a Word or Google Docs document to SharedDoc’s platform, you can send email invites to a friends or colleagues to comment on the document. In order to comment, a user needs to set up an ID. Users can then highlight portions of the the document where they’d like to leave a comment and post their input. Comments can be seen by by everyone invited on the document and commenters can respond to others comments. Each comment carries the ID of the user, and the date of posting. SharedDoc also creates a permanent record of the comments by saving or printing the document with the comments as footnotes.More

For What Result? … Jeremiah wants to see Cisco talking more about the results the use of its new collaboration tools enable. “The enhancements, integrations, mash-ups, innovations, deployment options, platforms, architectures, partnerships and new products on display here this week are meaningless unless they deliver those results. The benefits of collaboration tools and processes are assumed—perhaps too much. There is a gap between fantastic collaborative environments, and their implied power, and actually enabling better business. “Bringing people together” is good, but getting them to actually do something is better. So, I’d like to see Cisco (and all others in the market) focus a bit more on the results, and then back up into how those results are achieved with collaborative tools.More

Citrix UserVoice … Citrix UserVoice is a hosted voting platform, for use on rating ideas and the like. “On other projects we were left frustrated and overwhelmed when trying to grasp what our users really wanted. Unorganized inboxes and clogged ticket systems ruled the day. Forums were awash with duplication, user support was impossible to determine, and valuable ideas were lost in the shuffle. UserVoice adds structure to feedback and reduces the overhead of an honest dialog with our users — It creates a market around good ideas so we get more quality than quantity.More

More in Chatter … Kristen has more on Chatter, the new collaboration tool from Salesforce. “With functionality similar to Facebook, Salesforce Chatter allows employees to set up their own profiles including contact information, photo, work history and area of expertise. Users can also pull in any existing information from Facebook profiles. Employees will then be able to collaborate internally through real-time status and content updates, similar to the way friends do on Facebook. Business applications also have a place in Chatter to keep everyone up to date on inventory, for example. Well, only those you want to stay in the loop. Chatter also allows you to filter certain information to the appropriate employees.More
– see

On Google Chrome OS … Google’s new Chrome OS is intended to strengthen Google in the fight against Microsoft in the enterprise. “Now, Google appears to be setting its sights on taking a chunk out of Microsoft’s operating system market share. With many users viewing their computers as simply a way to get on to the Internet, a browser-based OS could be a good step into that arena for Google.“. More
– It provides a non-Windows alternative for firms and users already using Google Apps.
– Randall argues that Chrome OS will fail big-time. Reasons: (1) the Linux heritage, (2) the UI sucks, (3) it’s inflexible, because it assumes that people want to live in the cloud.
– Chrome OS will only support SSD drives, leaving traditional hard drives out in the cold.
– Robert says that being underwhelmed by Chrome OS is “the point“.

SharePoint Workspace Mobile … Office Mobile 2010 supports integration with SharePoint. “Connection to SharePoint Workspace Mobile, which will allow users to port SharePoint files on their phones via SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010. Specifically, users will be able to scan through document libraries and other lists, and open and sync documents directly from Microsoft SharePoint Server.More Update … Adobe released new updates to its hosted service. “The new features, rolled out Nov. 21, include mobile support, organizational improvements, and Flickr and Google Image integration, among other enhancements …. In addition, separate from the upgrades introduced Saturday, Adobe ConnectNow, the desktop sharing and audio/video conferencing component of, now supports Mac OS X 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard). Previously it was compatible only with Mac OS X through 10.5.x.More

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