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News Updates (November 19, 2009)

Drug Company Collaboration … Drug companies are exploring collaborative approaches to bringing better drugs to market faster. “[The] linear, trial-and-error method is no longer a sustainable model for big pharmaceutical companies … Now big-picture thinkers, within the industry and outside it, are re-examining every stage of drug development — from molecule to market — in an effort to foster faster innovation. It’s a holistic approach, called “systems thinking,” that originated in methods that engineers used to streamline projects in the aeronautics and automotive industries … The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for one, started a pharmaceutical innovation program this year to help drug companies adapt some successful approaches now used in aeronautics, like lean management and information-sharing among rivals.More

Kiiro for SharePoint … Kiiro is a set of team collaboration and project management applications for SharePoint. Eg, for document sharing, “Sharing documents with your team should be easy. Kiiro gives you a streamlined interface to SharePoint’s document library, gives you folders to organize your files, and lets you notify team members when you’ve uploaded something new. Under the hood, SharePoint provides versioning for all documents and locks files as people work on them. Thanks to SharePoint’s tight integration with Microsoft Office, editing documents is as easy as clicking them to open, making a change, then saving it directly back to SharePoint.More

Executive Influence … Social networks are influencing top executives, according to recent research. “This new research study from the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR) is important because it shows that company executives are influenced by their online networks. And the trend is growing. The influence on business decisions by online communities is at its highest in three years …. Eg, Professional networks are emerging as decision-support tools: Decision-makers are broadening reach to gather information especially among active users.More

Salesforce Chatter … Salesforce introduced a real-time notification and status updating tool on “There’s also a feed function in Chatter that will stream status updates from people and apps (for example, such as a deal closing in Salesforce CRM) into apps running on Developers use APIs provided by Salesforce to push data from apps into the feeds. Chatter will also let users filter relevant Twitter feeds into their applications. For example, a user can set up a Twitter search for a competitor and view those Tweets within an app.” Available in 2010. More
– It’s going to cost $50 per user per month.

SharePoint for RM … A recent Forrester Research survey found high use of SharePoint 2007 for records management. “Of the 434 respondents in the Forrester survey who identified themselves as records management stakeholders, 17% said they were currently using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server for records management software. That was more than double Microsoft’s closest competitor, Hill said. The finding is surprising because SharePoint 2007 has some “significant shortcomings” when it comes to records management (RM), said Hill and others. While miles ahead of its portal-centric 2003 version, SharePoint 2007 is a less-than-ideal tool for the exacting task of maintaining records — from paper, digital documents and databases to physical objects — throughout their lifecycle.More

Omada SharePoint Governance Manager … Omada is an add-on tool for SharePoint to streamline management of permissions and site creation policies. “Omada SharePoint Governance Manager is built on Omada’s award-winning Role Engine for Advanced Role Based Access Control (RBAC). The solution is developed in .NET and completely empowers Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0. The solution is fully integrated with SharePoint 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0, and leverages Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Windows. More

eRoom to SharePoint … Metalogix released a new migration tool for shifting eRoom content into SharePoint. “Metalogix SharePoint Migration Manager for eRoom simplifies the process of migrating eRoom content to SharePoint so that users can benefit from a consolidated collaboration environment. Offering user flexibility, the new migration solution allows operations to be completed from any client machine without requiring the addition of any components on the eRoom server. eRoom objects can be migrated at the item level, room or facility level so content may be reorganized in SharePoint during migration operations or moved all at once. SharePoint Migration Manager for eRoom preserves metadata for all items as content is migrated.More

Outlook 2010 for Alerts … There is new capabilities in Outlook 2010 for alerting about social media and collaboration activity. “Dubbed the ‘Outlook Social Connector’ (OSC), the functionality is available right now to all Office 2010 Beta testers. The list of much-needed features that OSC brings to Outlook is long and juicy. ‘Activity Feeds’ is the new social media technology, collating the activities of your contacts into your Outlook screen. LinkedIn support is included in the current beta version, but there’s no mention of anything like Twitter or Facebook support yet. There’s also neat functionality to show you all of the attachments sent between you and another contact, a communication history that shows you your recent emails with that contact, Next year, there will be added connectivity with Windows Live Messenger! There are numerous mentions of ‘extensibility’ and an easy-to-use developer kit, however, so I’m sure lots of other add-ons will emerge in due course.More

Other Items
– Bill argues that open source has to move beyond the “free” idea.
– PeopleCube and Diane Stegmeier are running a webinar on alternative workspace environments on December 3.
– Jason has some thoughts on multi-tasking vs mono-tasking.

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