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SharePoint for Collaboration: Governance Themes Workbook

In Chapter 4 of my book, SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration, I outline a decision process for making governance decisions related to using SharePoint for collaboration. I think it’s the right approach, but many people I speak with want more details!

The SharePoint for Collaboration: Governance Themes Workbook is my answer. It gives much more detail on the different themes, and includes analysis of what other firms are doing with each theme. It is, however, a work-in-progress.

The Workbook explores the following themes:
– Site Creation Strategy … (Nov09) Take the Survey!
– Site Location Policy
– Template Standardization
– Site Collection for Collaboration
– Site Closure Policy
– Third-Party Product Usage
– Training Strategy
– … and more (to be determined).

The final workbook will be 150-200 pages, with lots more detail!

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