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News Updates (November 16, 2009)

Virtual Collaborator … Guided Insights offer their take on the key attributes of the exceptional virtual collaborator. “In this edition of Communiqué, we look at characteristics that make for a successful virtual collaborator, and those that may cause big problems for many remote workers. We recognize that some jobs don’t require a great deal of real collaboration to get work done, and that other jobs can be performed competently by the “lone wolf” who remains detached from colleagues. Here we focus on qualities that are especially important for those who rely on successful collaboration to shine.More

A Plus and PeerPort … A+ Conferencing and PeerPort released Start-Team, a suite of virtual collaboration services. “Start-Team is a web-based service that enables businesses of all sizes to collaborate and communicate without boundaries. Its robust feature set includes unlimited audio and web conferencing, messaging, chat, calendaring, action item tracking and a document repository.More

Google Apps Closing on Office … Readers at Mashable think that Google Apps is closing the gap on Microsoft Office. “Microsoft Office came out on top. But surprisingly the match was a close fight all the way to the end. Microsoft Office only secured a slim majority of the vote, 51% or 1365 votes. Google Docs registered 37% of the tally with its 994 votes. Finally, 12% of you (315 votes) said it was a tie and both were good tools.More

Working Smart in Meetings … Priority Management released a new workshop, called “Working Smart in Meetings”. “Priority Management has designed this program to dramatically improve the productivity of your future meetings. We have taken world best practices and incorporated them into a training process that will develop the skills, competencies and behaviours that will last a lifetime.” The firm also offers a series of training workshops around email and mobile device usage. More

Other Items
– The only way to solve the email overload problem: stop using it so much.
– Windows Mobile 6.5 users will be able to run Office Mobile 2010.

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