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News Updates (October 27, 2009)

SharePoint and Mac … The Mac BU at Microsoft is working on an offline SharePoint tool for Mac users, but it’s not just a Mac edition of SharePoint Workspace. “It will not be a Mac equivalent of Groove, the Office collaboration desktop client that will become SharePoint Workspace in the upcoming Office 2010, the SharePoint team told ZDNet UK. The promised tool also will not offer Groove’s existing peer-to-peer features on the Mac …. Cannon could not give a timescale for the introduction of the new Mac SharePoint tool tool or specify which version of Mac Office it will appear in. The beta versions of SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 betas are due around the middle of November, with the full versions promised for the first half of 2010.More

Enterprise 2.0 Conference Announcements … TechWeb released preliminary details about the new product and service announcements slated for next week, at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, including Adobe (“enhancements”), BroadVision (“social networking”), LiquidPlanner (“Mobile Dashboard for the iPhone”), and more. Eg, “Yammer, the leader in enterprise microblogging, will announce further Microsoft integration, including Outlook 2003 and SharePoint. Through a multi-threaded stream of crisp, frequent updates posted by employees, Yammer is revolutionizing the way companies communicate, collaborate, and share content. Yammer already integrates with Outlook 2007 and Windows Mobile.More

Work 4 Days a Week … Compress your work week into 4 days, and get good things back. “Their overtime dropped dramatically. By the end of a 10 hour day, most employees were ready to go home. I’m guessing that the incentive of having Friday off helped everyone work just a bit harder. Some of this improvement might be due to the Hawthorne effect where employees work harder when you are paying more attention to them. But, many employees love the new schedule. One pointed out that they really didn’t have much time to do things in the evening on a 5 day work week, but with 4 days they had a bunch more options. They were happy to give up some of their evening time to get an extra day off.More

Windows 7 vs Snow Leopard … Curtis ran Windows 7 and Snow Leopard head-to-head, and gives the thumbs up to Snow Leopard. “After spending a few weeks with both new operating systems and exposing each to my geek’s gauntlet of everyday tasks — e-mail, instant messaging, Web surfing, blogging, creating and editing Office documents, Web page creation, and audio, video, and photo editing — I have to call Snow Leopard the winner. All considered, from starting up to backing up, Mac OS X still offers the best overall user experience. The competition was close, though — far closer than it’s been in quite a while.More

Other Items
– Thanks to Gavin Knight for the ideas on Singapore, eg, clothing, getting around, what to do.
– Barnes & Noble announced eBook reader plans, in collaboration with Ammunition (a design consulting firm).
– Microsoft had better get going with Windows Mobile, if it wants any market share in a few years.
– Alfresco published a webcast on 5 simple use cases of Alfresco Document Management, including team collaboration.
– Knowledge Plaza is hosting a webinar on October 28 to provide an update on new capabilities. See

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