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News Updates (October 16, 2009)

Tandberg Says No to Cisco … Tandberg has rejected Cisco’s $3 billion acquisition offer. “Tandberg shareholders there owning nearly a quarter of the company have rejected the deal. Now, there are several ways to look at this. One, Tandberg is in the videoconferencing space, which is hot these days. They could, with some legitimacy, say that Cisco’s offer could be the first of several, thinking that maybe Cisco itself will come back with more money. Or maybe, now that it’s in play, Tandberg could get an offer from another tech giant like Hewlett-Packard. On the other hand, $3 billion on the table represents a large premium not only to Tandberg’s market value before the offer, but to the entire videoconferencing market. Cisco is showing a lot of confidence in its growth, but really, without Cisco’s killer sales force, does Tandberg have a chance to grow that quickly? I’m not suggesting that Tandberg shareholders unload their shares while there are extra kroner on the table. But beware of hubris. Cisco may increase its offer. The spurned occasionally get over it and reopen their wallets. But sometimes, they don’t come back.More

BlackBerry Storm2 … Research In Motion formally announced the Storm2, the second generation of its touchscreen BlackBerry. “The Storm 2 retains all the enterprise-friendly features of its predecessor, which means it can receive push over-the-air e-mail, calendar, and contact information from companies with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, and Novell GroupWise setups. The handset will also work with corporate Google Apps thanks to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server integration, and users can get personal push e-mail from Web-based providers like Gmail.More
– Vodafone announced availability in seven European countries and South Africa.
BlackBerry Storm2 home page.

ThinkFree on Android … ThinkFree announced a partnership with ARCHOS, for bringing the ThinkFree office productivity suite to the ARCHOS Android-based tablet. “End users can now view word processing, spreadsheet and presentation documents including Microsoft(TM) Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe(TM) PDF using ThinkFree Mobile Android. The offering also features seamless integration with Google Docs and ThinkFree Online, ThinkFree’s established online service for collaboration and synchronization across all documents.More

Collecta and XMPP … Collecta announced plans to use the real-time XMPP protocol for real-time applications. “With XMPP, or extensible messaging and presence protocol, Collecta’s APIs can push out results as they happen instead of requiring outside apps to constantly poll the search engine every few minutes for new data. Startups in the real-time space are turning to different protocols like XMPP or PubSubHubbub, which Google Reader recently chose, for more instantaneous updates.More

From Notes to SharePoint with Binary Tree … Binary Tree will be showing off CMT for SharePoint 2.5 next week, at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009, for migrating Lotus Notes applications to SharePoint. “CMT for SharePoint 2.5 will provide new levels of simplicity and power for migrating Lotus Notes applications to Microsoft SharePoint. CMT for SharePoint 2.5 will incorporate new capabilities like providing a simple yet powerful way to migrate non-standard Notes applications to SharePoint, the ability to export all Notes code into a SQL database, a flexible rules engine with integration into SQL reporting services, and multi-threaded and multi-machine migration processing capabilities with automated workload distribution.More

CorasWorks Project Portfolio Management … CorasWorks released Project Portfolio Management for SharePoint. “With the application, project managers and team members can manage, track and report on individual projects; manage multiple projects as portfolios; and gain visibility, insight and control of all project or portfolio-related activities across the organization through drilldown dashboards and reporting. Unlike most portfolio management products, the CorasWorks application makes it easy to set up any number of portfolios to gain visibility, track progress and manage investments an organization may be making in resources, products or technology.More

SharePoint Statistics … Recent research by InfoTrends reports on key SharePoint statistics. Eg, “SharePoint use varies substantially across and within company size segments (often based on existing investments or policies), but virtually ALL of our follow-up phone interviews indicated basic collaboration and document management as the primary use. The phrases “e-mail replacement” or “shared drive replacement” came up often during these calls. Where more advanced workflows or WCM were used, they were underwhelming.More

Social Networking at Work … NewsGator is hosting a webinar on October 28, at which a Forrester Research analyst will look at how social networking technologies are changing organizations. “Social networking is driving fundamental shifts in how people interact in both the consumer and the enterprise environment. Featured guest Rob Koplowitz, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, interviewed trend setting companies engaged in enterprise social networking to better understand how social networking is affecting their company. Rob’s research covers not only how companies are using social networks to improve collaboration, knowledge management and drive innovation; but also, how social networking will impact the entire organization from top to bottom. Rob’s work notes that ‘traditional’ ROI measurements may not always apply or be the best measurement of success.” Registration required. More

Cloud Computing Warning … Research by Quest Software points to the potential barriers of cloud computing services. “Confusion also persists over the current costs of enterprise IT applications, according to Quest’s study. Half of the CIOs surveyed claim they lack a fully-accurate picture of how much their existing applications infrastructure is costing, making it difficult to calculate the potential financial benefits of cloud. As such, just under half (44 per cent) have no plans at this stage to use cloud computing. This figure may be poised for growth, however, with 20 per cent of these organisations already actively using cloud within their applications stack. More

Other Items
– Google is busy squishing bugs in Google Docs.
– Aptimize announced a reseller programme, for its SharePoint acceleration technology.
– DataViz announced that its Exchange ActiveSync client for Android is now available in the Android Market.
– Microsoft said that it got “most, if not all” Sidekick user data back.
– Apple’s having a good year, with impressive last quarter increases in Mac’s sold.
– Windows 7 ships next week, and various notebook vendors have new goodies ready to go.

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