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Feedback on SharePoint Roadmap: Thomas Duff

Thomas Duff offers his review of SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration:

When you get done reading this chapter (and the whole book in general), you have a much more realistic idea of what to expect from SharePoint than you’d get from some business partner or vendor who is trying to make a sale. Couple this with his observations and guidance on how best to introduce SharePoint to an organization, and you have an extremely valuable book that will more than pay for itself before you ever download a single byte of software.

For any organization looking to hop on the SharePoint bandwagon, I would strongly suggest this be a prerequisite reading requirement. If you’ve been getting the vendor hard-sell on the wonders of SharePoint, this will provide a more realistic view of its strengths and weaknesses. And if you’re committed to going down that path, you’ll be able to check your expectations and planning against Michael’s advice gleaned from seeing many collaboration projects fail due to unrealistic expectations.

Read the full review on Thomas’s blog (thanks for the reminder Charles).

Thomas also provided a quote for the front of the book. Thanks on both counts Duffbert!

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