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News Updates (October 9, 2009)

Socialcast Analytics … Socialcast released a suite of analytics tools, to help organizations improve collaboration. “Social Business Intelligence® isn’t just about tracking basic signup, usage and posting statistics. Instead, the platform will tell you – in real time – the topics, people, groups and conversations that are promoting active use of your community. At the same time, it will show you the passive usage and “listening” behavior of members, demonstrating the value that newer or less vocal employees are gleaning from the network. At the center of Social Business Intelligence® is the conversation. The tool tracks the movement of information between people, teams, and departments. It keeps a pulse on the data that’s generated by members, exposing the most important topics as identified by a workforce. With real-time access to the front lines of the company, management can instantaneously understand what’s happening in the business.More
– Mike Gotta shares his take.

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 … RIM released Version 5.0 of Messenger, its device-to-device IM application. “The latest version of the service adds collaboration features by enhancing the ability to chat with groups. Group members can send messages, task notes, voice messages, calendars, and photos with multiple BlackBerry users at once. BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 enables users to share pictures, videos, and audio files up 6 MB.More

Mindjet Catalyst … Mindjet released Catalyst, an online collaboration tool. “Catalyst sets out to mimic the way people work together in the same room to solve problems, which Raskin said online conferences lack. Catalyst team members can simultaneously video-conference while modifying a shared document on an online “white board.” Photos, paperwork, sketches and other digitized data can also be shared. Catalyst automatically notes which team members made what changes and for which tasks or deadlines individuals are responsible. Workers can come and go from the virtual room and changes are updated as matters progress. Internet telephony and text messaging capabilities are also built in Catalyst.More
– Pricing is US$25 per user per month. Acquired Increo … announced the acquisition of Increo Solutions, a developer on online document and media viewing tools. “Increo’s technical expertise in content viewing, annotation, and embedding will give Box customers a faster and more interactive experience with their documents online. is delivering enhancements to its service faster than ever with recent additions that include Web Documents, full-text search, workflow and branding tools, OpenBox Mobile for integrating into mobile app platforms and now rich document and media viewing from Increo.More

Central Desktop and Zoho … Central Desktop has been forced to switch its users from EditGrid to Zoho Sheet, due to business model changes at EditGrid. “The firm said the move comes due to a forced “sunset” in its partnership with EditGrid. A notice to EditGrid customers indicates that EditGrid is terminating licenses to all of its licensees, making its product available for free to web users, to work on “new and exciting” web applications. Central Desktop said it will transition its spreadsheet support to Zoho Sheet within the next 60 days. More

LotusLive iNotes … IBM released its hosted email and calendaring service, for $3 per user per month. “As part of the IBM cloud service portfolio, LotusLive iNotes provides safe, affordable access to company email for remote employees, retail clerks, manufacturing floor workers — anyone who doesn’t sit behind a desk all day but still needs to be in touch with the rest of their organization and manage their calendar and contacts. LotusLive iNotes provides users with the essential email features and performance typically found in on-premise email systems, without extra features they do not require or are unlikely to use. With LotusLive iNotes, all employees in an organization can operate under a single domain, using a shared corporate directory.More

Other Items
– uGov, a cross-agency email and directory system for US intelligence agencies, is to be closed. Apparently, few people are using it.
– Gartner projects that Android will rapidly increase its market footprint, growing to 14% market share by 2012.
– Enterprise 2.0 technologies are driving collaboration (really).

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