Microsoft SharePoint

Mobile Entree for SharePoint

I took a quick look at Mobile Entree this afternoon … months after first hearing about it. Mobile Entree provides a way for SharePoint developers to extend SharePoint capabilities to end users via mobile devices. As I wrote in my recent Messaging News article (see Mobile and Wireless Access to Collaboration Systems: What’s Happened?, SharePoint 2007’s mobile capabilities are (only) “okay”. Perhaps Mobile Entree provides a way of elevating that from an “okay” to a “great”.

Here’s an example of allowing a help desk technician to work with the SharePoint help desk site via their Windows Mobile device — definitely a richer experience, definitely more user friendly than what’s available with SharePoint 2007 out-of-the-box. In the world of App Stores for mobile devices (iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung, Palm), this is a good move:

This looks like a great add-on for SharePoint to enhance mobile access, but one example isn’t enough. Please … give more examples about where and how end users can be served better through Mobile Entree. Show the world what’s possible.