News Updates (August 4, 2009)

SharePoint is Core Infrastructure … Joel’s in Africa, and reports that SharePoint is seen as core enterprise infrastructure now. “I had to put in a short blurb about one of the greatest achievements a product can make. Today here at Teched Africa I was talking to a guy who is the account specialist at Microsoft for Namibia. In our conversations he talked about the evolution of SharePoint and how in the past it took a while to explain SharePoint Server and why it was important in an organization. Now, he tells me it is simply infrastructure. As mail servers, authentications servers, so is collaboration. Next might be OCS as pure infrastructure rather than add ons. Just as the LAN phone became a utility so is SharePoint as core IT infrastructure.More

Capturing Whiteboards … Gina points to a couple of services that help with transcribing the contents of a whiteboard: Evernote and qipit. “Free service qipit can also help you capture that whiteboard before you leave the conference room. Using either your cameraphone or a regular digital camera, take a photo of anything with text on it and email it to Qipit will perform OCR on the image, and email you back a searchable PDF that you can save or add to any other note-taking system you use. Qipit can also fax documents you scan into it.More

Google Android for the Enterprise … Google is planning to add enterprise capabilities to Android, its mobile device operating system. “Google plans to add enterprise-focused features to its Android platform as soon as this year, according to Andy Rubin, Google’s director of mobile platforms. The move will position Android as a competitor to Research In Motion’s BlackBerry platform in the enterprise segment and is another measure of Google’s lofty hopes for the the growth of the operating system.More

Telework Saves 1.3 Hours per Worker Each Day … TANDBERG reported that 75 of its employees worked from home for a day, saving 100 hours of commuting time. “Today, about half (75) of TANDBERG’s Virginia-based employees observed Virginia’s “Statewide Telework Day” by working from home, eliminating almost two metric tons of carbon emissions and saving almost 100 hours of productivity by not sitting in traffic.The question is how often they’ll do it–one off, or multiple times a week?? More

Go Google … Google released “Going Google”, a marketing campaign to encourage people to drop Microsoft Office in favor of Google Apps. “Surprisingly, despite Google’s success in online and web advertising, one of the company’s key ad vehicles is the billboard. The company has reserved 4 billboards in major US cities and will run a new Google App-related message each day for a month. The campaign is expected to celebrate the benefits of Gmail spam protection, filters, high storage limits, email threads, Google chat, Google Docs and of course, what the company has always done well, search.More
The Fool says the use of billboards is “just dumb” and “might be Google’s worst idea yet”.
– Matt says that “[Google] remains an add-on to corporate computing, not a replacement strategy“.

Other Items
– David uses four apps to stay productive: Things (for tasks), Gmail (for email), Evernote (for capture), and Dropbox (for stuff).
– eApps Hosting released hosted Scalix, for email and collaboration.
Toodledo is a new online to-do list, that offers shared task lists.

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