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News Updates (July 24, 2009)

CorasWorks Department Dashboard … CorasWorks released Department Dashboard, a collaboration solution for departments using SharePoint. “This free download includes an extensive set of department collaborative capabilities and the ability to integrate departmental business applications and processes. In addition, customers running the Data Integration Toolset can streamline department functions further by integrating external data sources, applications and web services. More, Product Page

MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint … MAPILab offers a statistics and reporting tool for SharePoint. “The product offers a number of finished reports both for evaluating the common visiting traffic of sites and for reviewing the smallest details such as user sessions and hits. Integration with Active Directory gives an opportunity to gather reports on domains, organizational units and individual users. Reports on search queries include data of search results for estimating the level of user satisfaction as well.More

Planning for Success … James offers some thoughts about planning for success. “Intranet teams are often expected to justify the work that they do, whether to protect current intranet resources, or to gain support for new projects and improvements. This leads to the requirement for an intranet business case, ideally with clear measures that quantify the value of the intranet and the benefits it delivers. In tough economic times, a very bright spotlight is shone on the intranet and the resources it requires. All projects will struggle to proceed without demonstrating how they tangibly improve the bottom line. This intensifies discussions around intranet measures and metrics. It also produces a new round of intranet business cases being put forward to senior management.” He offers ideas on a variety of metrics. More

EtherPad Update … AppJet updated EtherPad, its collaborative document authoring client. “Now, EtherPad has launched a new, redesigned version with more tools and functionality that may just give Google Docs a run for its money. First, EtherPad completely redesigned the entire UI to look softer and simpler. The interface is much less stark and easier on the eyes. EtherPad also lets you import and export Word, PDF, Plain Text and HTML documents. Appjet made writing a document in EtherPad more like writing out notes in Word or Google Docs, adding rich text formatting, including bold, underline, italics and strikethrough commands to the wiki. And organization of notes within a document became a little better with the ability to add bullet points.More

Collaboration Technology Can Not … Brian comments on a variety of things that collaboration technology cannot do. “Technology cannot do a number of things. It can’t make people share information. Hoarders and those who use knowledge for power can really screw up a project team. Technology cannot change the personality makeup of a lone-wolf worker. If they don’t want to play with the team, they won’t. At least when a person is in the next cube, you can check up on them or ask them a question. That gets really difficult when they’re 1000 miles away. Technology can help the person who’s communicative, social and team oriented become a great team worker even when no one is physically co-located with other team members.More

MindTouch 2009 … MindTouch released new features for its 2009 platform. “The features are available today in MindTouch 2009, include the ability to add collaborative video to MindTouch sites, package applications built in MindTouch for distribution, and stage content for greater collaboration and control.” Available immediately. More … Camille reviews the basic and advanced features in the collaboration tool. “Some less common features are also available through Huddle, including online whiteboards where several team members can brainstorm at a time or asynchronously. Whiteboard history is also stored so that it’s easy to go back and view ideas generated in past meetings. There is an umbrella keyword search option that allows users to find the document, whiteboard or message exchange they are looking for across hordes of content. Huddle also partners with social networks like LinkedIn, Ning and Facebook to scrape contact information and allow sharing across a greater number of people. Beyond that, its enterprise version provides not only document sharing abilities, but also desktop sharing — handy for company-wide presentations.More

IntraOffice Alpha/Beta … IntraOffice is a forthcoming web-based document and project management service. “IntraOffice offers seamlessly integrated e-mail, scheduling, costing, budgeting, and reporting capabilities. I was impressed seeing how a customer e-mail could be transformed into a task, and supplier inquiry (for quotes), as part of kicking off an order. At every point through your business process all the participants can pull up every document, or task, (with complete version history), allowing a full view of how everything has progressed from the very beginning. There are no information silos with one person winding up with crucial e-mails related to the project sitting in their in-box that others can’t see.” IntraOffice is looking for beta testers. More

Google Wave for 100,000 Testers … Google plans on beta testing Google Wave with 100,000 people starting in September. “Google said it intends to release a preview build of a new Web-based communication and collaboration tool by late September. Called Google Wave, the open-source tool will initially be offered to about 100,000 people who have volunteered to provide feedback.More

Other Items
– Binary Tree updated its Notes to Microsoft migration tools.
– Ascentn is expanding into the Middle East.
– Text replacement on the PC; one option is ShortKeys.
– Dave offers 10 skills of painless time management.
– Mark has rounded up a collection of articles on dealing with distraction.
– The next CalConnect session is October 5-9 at Apple in Cupertino.

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