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News Updates (July 22, 2009)

SaaS Drivers … Craig comments on some recent Burton Group and Gartner research around software-as-a-service. “All this reiterates the key findings we published in July of last year and unveiled at our Catalyst conference: (1) SaaS implementations aren’t all about saving money. They are mostly about avoiding IT, quicker rollouts, and adding predictability/clarity to pricing. (2) SaaS implementers haven’t saved a ton of money, but they didn’t expect to either – see #1“. More

Wiki to Bring It Together … Stewart points to an example of how a wiki can bring disparate ideas together. “We may like to communally create our own informal procedures or workaround lists that contain the ways we responded to situations. Or a list that contains the best documents on a topic; these documents may be scattered in different repositories, and a wiki can bring them together. What’s happening is that wikis are actually replacing a process, they are becoming a new way to do group work.More

Cutting Through the Hype … Alex has a new article on cutting through the hype of social media. “When discussing intranets and related enterprise-level software, it’s easy to get caught up in the technology. There are so many features and components and so much whizz-bang functionality. It can be difficult to stay on target and focus on a piece of technology that will simply do a job that needs doing, or fix a problem that needs fixing. This can be true right across the spectrum of enterprise software, from a complex CMS system, to social media tools.” He gives an example of how something like Twitter could be used in an enterprise. More

Make Notes Personal … Eric argues that Lotus Notes needs to be made “personal” for it to work. “Technologies are pushed down by the organization. Tools are picked up by the user. When technology becomes productive and fun it becomes a tool that people care about. It becomes personal. When tools become personal to someone, they care for them and they get passionate about it. Think iPhone. The solution to making Notes users happy is to find ways to shift their perspective from Notes as an impersonal technology to Notes as personal tool to get things done. So what can you do with this information? Think about the way that Lotus Notes is deployed and used in your organization. How do you and your users perceive it? Ask yourself what you can do to make Notes personal.More

Metalogix Selective Restore Manager … Metalogix released Selective Restore Manager Pro, an add-on for SharePoint that makes document and item recovery in SharePoint less painful. “SRM Pro lets network managers and SharePoint administrators recover content in only minutes with no capital or operating expenditures. They do not have to deploy temporary SharePoint recovery farms just to recover either a single document or item or an entire site. SRM Pro performs all restores via supported SharePoint APIs—and makes no direct writes to the database.More

Other Items
– Lee says, “the technology we have available today simply amazes me.” (yes … the technology is not generally the limiting factor now).
– The Student Edition of Office 2008 does not support the new SharePoint connection option in Document Connection.
– Paul reviews the new Document Connection tool in Office 2008 SP2.
– Who are you in someone else’s story?
Spreadtweet, a Twitter client that looks like a spreadsheet application.
– Avi’s got some thoughts on the upcoming Office 2010.
– Research In Motion has a new BlackBerry blog.

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