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News Updates (July 15, 2009)

Xobni Plus … Xobni released Xobni Plus, a premium-edition of its Outlook plug-in for email management. “Xobni Plus’ main focus is on stronger search capabilities …. The initial version provided results for keywords and people, but now users have other search fields, such as for appointments and tasks. It is possible to build queries that span many fields, such as for all the tasks and attachments associated with a particular contact, he said. Boolean and phrase-based queries are also supported. Other features of Xobni Plus include advanced conversation filtering and new auto-suggest functionality. Xobni initially used the open-source Lucene search engine, but has created its own search technology to power Xobni Plus … The upgrade is available for a one-time charge of US$29.95, which includes tech support and upgrades for one year. Users must first download Xobni 1.8, which is available at no charge.More, Xobni Plus (product page)

EverNote for Collaboration … My review of Evernote and its new shared notebook idea. “One of my long time favorite services—Evernote—has just implemented the first phase of its collaboration strategy. Until the last week of June, Evernote was solely a personal information management service, offering both a rich client for full online-offline access on various operating systems and devices, as well as a Web-accessible service. Even before the release of the new collaboration capabilities, Evernote was pretty fantastic.More

Improve Team Performance … Some pointers from Tom about how to improve team performance: (1) spend as much time with the weakest member as the strongest, (2) take away performance pressure by adding perspective, (3) accept inevitable setbacks, and (4) let the team’s performance being its own reward. There are some additional gems in the comments. More

Notes Migration to Google … Google released a new tool to help users migrate from Lotus Notes to Google Apps for the Enterprise. “Google Tuesday set its sights on IBM, unveiling a tool to migrate Lotus Notes users to Google Apps and releasing a whitepaper laying out how to migrate Notes applications to Google’s online infrastructure. Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes lets users migrate mail, calendar and contacts from Lotus Notes to Google Apps. The tool is a native Notes application and is free with the Google Apps Premier Edition (GAPE) and the education and nonprofit versions of the Google Apps suite. Google is offering the migration tool as part of the trial version of GAPE so users can try it out.More, see commentary and comments at

SharePoint 2010 Videos … Microsoft released three overview videos of SharePoint 2010, for IT pros and developers. “From the developer point of view, I think this version of SharePoint and Visual Studio are going to be a “game-changer” for the platform. From first glance the dev tools built in to the tools seem to be far advanced and take the developer into a more enhanced workspace that allows for WSP creation, new LINQ for SharePoint functionality, a Developer Dashboard, and a Silverlight Web Part. Very cool and now developer can push the products to the business because of the tools Microsoft is about to supply. Move over Flash, here comes Silverlight?More

Popular vs Profitable … Nick reflects on the journey of starting a new digital media company, and proposes a key rule. “The balance of popularity and profitability is one that faces all businesses in the digital economy. Whether you are a service provider or a product company, there’s always the question of whether you should spend more time getting traffic to your website or spend more time generating revenue. Most people would say that the answer is fairly obvious: focus on making money! Unfortunately in a world where news can come from anywhere and a little extra effort can bring a lot more clients, things aren’t as clear. So here are a few tips that I’d suggest in focusing on profitability versus popularity:” (he lists four). More

Other Items
– The power of video to explain a problem or make a case.
– The J.Boye 2009 conference in Denmark is on November 3-5.
– KMWorld 2009 is on in San Jose CA in November 2009 (17-19th).
– Nokia has a new Internet tablet and smartphone: the Surge.
– Rod comments on Google Chrome OS for netbooks.
OneNote 2010 will be included in all edition of Office 2010.

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