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News Updates (July 10, 2009)

KM and Enterprise 2.0 … Greg talks about the relationship between knowledge management and Enterprise 2.0, and Doug chips in with this comment: “Personally, I think of Enterprise 2.0 as more analogous to the personal knowledge management. These are tools focused on the individual or small groups. That is where the direct benefit lies. A by-product is the ability of others to find the information. Early KM was focused on the enterprise as whole, looking for people to add content to centralized system that offered little direct benefit to them.More

From Access to Zoho … Zoho added new capabilities for migrating Microsoft Access databases into Zoho Creator and Reports. “So, what happens when you migrate your database (MDB file) from Microsoft Access to Zoho Creator? Your entire database structure and data are migrated to Zoho Creator and an application is automatically created with Forms (Tables) and Views etc. This is a quick way of creating a web-based collaborative database app from your non-collaborative Microsoft Access DB. Once the Microsoft Access DB is migrated to Zoho Creator, the collaborative aspects kicks in where the entire application (or parts of it) can be shared with multiple users.More

Azaleos Hybrid … Azaleos released Managed Hybrid Services, for blending on-premise Exchange with hosted Exchange through Microsoft. “To allow IT departments to focus on strategic technology initiatives, Azaleos Managed Hybrid Services provide 24X7 pro-active management of Microsoft Exchange, yet offer the unique ability to maintain messaging data generated by select e-mail users inside the firewall. Since not every user in an organization needs the capabilities of on-premise email, Azaleos allows IT to mix and match on-premise and online messaging services. Azaleos experts provide deployment, migration, and configuration support for both its remotely managed Exchange and cloud-based BPOS offerings. As needs change, users can be easily migrated between the two services.” Available immediately. More

Managing a Virtual Workforce … Managing a virtual workforce is more difficult than managing an in-person workforce. “What’s worse and even more challenging for managers is that the most common means of coping with the effects of distance tend not only to be destructive to working relationships but can also be destructive to overall productivity, it argued. When people faced challenges with a colleague who worked in a different location, they either tended to resort to silence or other passive coping strategies or they became “verbally violent” or attacking toward their colleague, the research concluded. The silent approach included screening phone calls from remote colleagues, not returning calls and e-mails, leaving them out of the loop on important decisions or avoiding working with them all together.More

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– Finally (!), my buddy Lee Reed is blogging on his own account. Welcome Lee!
Blabylon launched into beta. It’s an online office / collaborative working space.

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