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News Updates (July 1, 2009)

Collaboration Survey in Australia … Matt and Keith are exploring the use of collaboration tools in Australia. “We are researching the use of collaboration tools in Australia. “Collaboration” is a buzz term at the moment, and we want to get behind the hype to discover how organisations are selecting and implementing tools and whether they are benefiting from them. If you have experience with selecting, implementing or maintaining a collaboration tool within the last 12 months then we would like you to take part in this survey. The survey is open from Monday 22 June 2009.” If you are in Australia and can complete the survey, please do so. More

InFocus Interactive Whiteboard … InFocus released new interactive projector technology, as a replacement for standard whiteboards. “Consisting of the LiteBoard projector and wand, the InFocus IN3902LB and IN3904LB interactive system will work on any surface—wall, screen, whiteboard, etc.—so there’s no need to mount whiteboard hardware or limits to the size of the display. The wand works by detecting patterns in the projected image that the human eye cannot see, communicating with the projector over a radio frequency to triangulate exactly where the user is pointing. All information is passed to the computer as standard USB mouse clicks and coordinates, enabling LiteBoard to be used with any operating system and software that uses computer mice. This allows educators to continue using their existing software curriculums, while also giving them the flexibility to change or upgrade to other software packages without compromising the functionality of the interactive system.More

Cisco Office? … Cisco is contemplating the development of an online alternative to Microsoft Office. “Cisco Systems Inc. is considering development of a Web-based alternative to compete with Microsoft Corp’s Office software. Dough Dennerline, Cisco Senior Vice President, said on Tuesday that his company is looking into developing a service that would allow business users to create documents that could be drafted and shared through its WebEx meeting and collaboration service.More

SharePoint Costs … Russ looks at the challenges involved in understanding the true (and full) costs of a SharePoint implementation. “Indeed, the true costs of deploying and supporting SharePoint are not well understood. Fundamental misconceptions about SharePoint prevent organizations from deploying it effectively and realizing its value. Many IT executives view SharePoint as a shrink-wrapped product that can be installed and configured in hours or days. In fact, it cannot. SharePoint is truly an enterprise information platform and must be treated as such. That means SharePoint configuration work needs to be well-planned and designed-not conducted in an ad-hoc fashion.” Russ looks at expected and unexpected costs … and “governance” is unexpected cost #1. More

ThinkFree Server … ThinkFree released a behind-the-firewall version of its office productivity suite. “ThinkFree Server Enterprise further extends its web office and storage integration capabilities into a self-hosted, collaborative space for secure document storage and sharing within the organization, complete with the ability to manage individual user permissions via dashboard and allow for anywhere, off-premise document access via the web. Smart and seamless syncing allows for hassle-free offline document editing. ThinkFree Server Enterprise furthermore offers the best round-trip Microsoft Office compatibility of any alternate office suite.More (hat tip, Troy)

Excel Online … eXpresso announced new collaboration capabilities for Excel users. “With this release, you will be able to take full advantage of Excel’s features online. You will be able to work with all spreadsheet elements, including: charts, images, macros, and text formatting. The toolbar for editing in eXpresso will look exactly like your Excel 2003 or 2007 toolbar. eXpresso’s Asymmetric Collaboration™ features, such as regional sharing, timed alerts, and file history, will remain accessible. This release will make eXpresso, by far, the most powerful spreadsheet collaboration service available.” Available immediately. More

NewsGator White Paper … NewsGator released a white paper on ensuring successful adoption of enterprise social computing. “That’s why NewsGator, the social computing company, today released a six-step roadmap for successful enterprise social computing adoption. It’s a systematic analysis to help ensure that Enterprise 2.0 initiatives make sense to users and improve business performance exactly as intended. Thoroughly explored in a new white paper at, the six steps are: (1) identify business problems and goals, (2) define use cases to help solve business problems, (3) select the correct technologies, (4) publish best practices for use, (5) identify obstacles to participation, and (6) identify desired cultural transformations.” Registration required. More

Other Items
– There’s a San Fransciso edition of the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in November 2009. Cool …
– John doesn’t like the HP iPAQ Data Messenger.
– Make your Nike shoes Tweet.

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