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SharePoint Roadmap: Thanks to Peter O'Kelly

One of the delights of writing a book is choosing the perfect person to write the foreword for it. I had some initial ideas when I started SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration, and one of those was Peter O’Kelly (see his blog Reality Check). I first met Peter when he was an analyst at Burton Group, and we have kept up a sporadic communication for the past few years. I always respected his depth of expertise in the collaboration space, among various others.

Peter is now at Microsoft Consulting Services as a Senior Architect, and he graciously agreed to write the foreword, albeit with a very tight timeframe. Thanks Peter!

Peter writes:

This book, Michael’s second, is an important resource for people who want to understand how non-technical facets of collaborative endeavors — “the business stuff,” as Michael puts it — can make or break the application of collaboration software and services. Michael clearly explains that it’s not the technology that makes the difference to businesses, teams, and people, but rather the way it’s used that makes the difference. Key concerns for fostering an organizational culture that’s conducive to effective collaboration include governance, business engagement, and user adoption strategies, all topics explained in this book.

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