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SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration: Michael's Second Book

For the past 7 months I’ve been focused on a second major deliverable related to the business side of SharePoint for collaboration. The first was Seamless Teamwork, my book published by Microsoft Press about how business teams can use SharePoint for collaboration.

The second major deliverable is almost ready to go to the printers … it’s a second book called SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration. Here’s the overview:

The majority of the IT people I work with are at a loss about what to do after installing SharePoint on some new fancy server. I mean, surely, that’s all there is to it — right?


SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration is the indispensable guide for the CIO and IT department about what to do after installing the software. This book takes everything that I teach in my SharePoint Roadmap workshop — about using the collaboration capabilities of SharePoint — and makes it very accessible in book format.

While I’ve been working on the material since last year, I only started writing it up on May 21. So I’ve done almost 200 pages of writing in 20 days … the book goes to the printer early next week.

I’m accepting orders now. It’s US$39 including postage, or NZ$50 for the New Zealand edition.

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