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News Updates (June 9, 2009)

Trying eProductivity … In order to evaluate Eric Mack’s eProductivity for Notes application, you need Lotus Notes. Eric posts about how to do so. “Unfortunately, as many people have learned, the IBM web site can be an overwhelming experience for an individual user that simply wants to download and try or buy Lotus Notes. Here’s some information which you may find helpful: You can evaluate Lotus Notes for free, with the Lotus Notes 90-day Test Drive.More

Apple Offers Better Support for Exchange … Apple announced that the next edition of Mac OS X will feature native support for Microsoft Exchange in Apple Mail, Address Book, and iCal. “Support for Exchange in Apple’s native mail, calendar and address book programs on a Mac – the same ones that sync with the communications apps on the iPhone – is a big deal. I’ve not been a fan of Microsoft Entourage – which is the Mac version of Outlook. But I’ve also not really been able to use Apple Mail and the other apps because I still need Entourage to get those business messages. The new features built into the Exchange support, including the ability to preview a file such as a Powerpoint as a mail attachments – even if you don’t have Microsoft’s Powerpoint installed on your machine.More
– Exchange connection is a one-time action, and it connects to all three applications.

Google Apps Enhancements … Google is expected to announce enhancements to Google Apps. Analysts and users want: role-based management, records management, a database, social networking features, and more. “Expectations are running high for an event Google will hold on Tuesday to announce enhancements to the business-oriented Premier edition of its Apps collaboration and communication suite. The morning event, to be held in San Francisco, will feature a CIO roundtable and new product demos, which Google is tight-lipped about but which are designed to boost Apps’ appeal among large organizations, according to several people familiar with the plans.More

Revizr for Document Collaboration … Revizr is a new online document collaboration service. “Whatever your feelings about ownership and document collaboration, Revizr is really only suitable if you’re looking to write finished products, rather than perpetually on-going collaborative works. The truth is, Revizr is more of an online co-editing tool than anything resembling the kind of document collaboration most people are familiar with from the new breed of enterprise software solutions. Instead of using access controls and versioning to allow filtering after publication among coworkers or the public, Revizr works on the filter-then-publish model.More

Notes to Exchange in Europe … Frontier Technology and Binary Tree announced a partnership, to enable European firms to migrate from Lotus Notes to cloud-based Exchange. “Frontier Technology’s Weekend Express data centre team will perform a pre-weekend initial briefing, a pre-weekend environmental audit and the migration itself all the while guiding customers through every step of Binary Tree’s proven, best-practices methodology for migrations from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Online. Considering Frontier Technology’s extensive knowledge of Symantec’s Enterprise Vault offering, Frontier Technology will also provide customers with the option of archiving the portion of their mail store they elect not to migrate to Microsoft Exchange Online.More

The Quick 10 … One strategy to overcome the destructive power of interruptions, it to take a “quick 10”. “Shave off ten minutes — say, from 11:00 a.m. to 11:10 a.m. — with no interruptions allowed. Period. No phone calls. No visitors. No e-mails. Establish this pattern over the course of a week. At 11:00 a.m. every day, announce you’re taking a Quick 10. If you need an official reason, say it’s to catch up on work, fine-tune a report, return e-mails. Whatever. Action is the strongest course. Ultimately, the magic of your Quick 10 is that it’s your business. When people interrupt, tell them how it’s going to be: “I’m in the middle of my Quick 10. I’ll be right with you.” What’s next? See how many more precious minutes you can grab for yourself before the interruptions overwhelm your dam. Maybe in a couple of weeks, your Quick 10 becomes a Quick 20.More

Other Items
– For more on eProductivity, listen to the recent podcast between Eric and Kelly (from The David Allen Company).
– Apple announced the iPhone 3G S, with faster performance, OS 3.0, and a video camera.
– Apple introduced new MacBook Pros, including a new 13″ edition.
– Ray Ozzie says that Google Wave is anti-web, because it’s a “fully-formed, complex system”.
– Mainsoft is hosting a webinar on June 16 on SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes 2.0. Registration required.
– Kevin and James tag team on the Palm Pre. Volker shares his take too.

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