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News Updates (May 14, 2009)

Harold on PKM … Harold talks about personal knowledge management as a sensemaking activity. “Internally, we go through a process of looking at bits of information and try to make sense of it by adding to our existing knowledge or testing out new patterns in our sense-making efforts. The process I have developed for myself is to: (1) Sort, (2) Categorize, (3) Make Explicit, and (4) Retrieve. I have called this my Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) system, a term that is not original to me, and is based on the work of many others. There are also three externally focused activities that I believe complement our internal learning. These are to Connect, Exchange and Contribute. These internal and external activities are a way of moving from implicit to explicit knowledge by observing, reflecting and then putting tentative thoughts out to our “community”.More

4.9 Hours for 7 Meetings … Business professionals spend 4.9 hours a week to arrange 7 meetings. “According to a new international study from Doodle, by research group LMRMC, business professionals spend 4.9 hours of an average workweek to arrange, on average, seven meetings. And, traditional means for meeting coordination dominate the situation in today’s businesses: email, electronic calendars and meeting requests, telephone and online calendars. Except for holidays, says the report, that’s 230 hours spent arranging meetings, not attending them, or 29 working days, nearly six working weeks a year.More (hat tip, Scott)

From Notes to Google … Hamilton Beach recently migrated its email from Lotus Notes to Google Apps; but has kept applications on Domino. “Because of the complexity, we upgrade our Lotus Notes/Domino environment about every five years. Our current version was coming to an end of life. Since the software would be free, under maintenance, we certainly looked at upgrading to a newer version of Lotus Notes/Domino. We were looking at old servers that would need to be replaced, all of the desktop client software requiring an upgrade, as well as training for employees on the new look and feel. We had so much e-mail, we estimated the upgrade might take more time than a three-day weekend to complete, with the email system shut down. So we took a look at Google Apps and found that it had all the enterprise features we needed.More

38 Minutes to Find a Document … Employees at big companies take 38 minutes on average to find the right document. “In addition, the survey of 200 respondents from companies in a wide range of industries found that employees are having trouble finding the most efficient and appropriate technology tools to locate documents or internal expertise. To find in-house experts, for instance, 71 percent of the respondents said they “ask around”; 46 percent said they use the company directory; 34 percent use the company website or intranet; and 30 percent said they send a companywide e-mail (and we all know how annoying those can be).More

TeamDrive for Mac … TeamDrive added Mac compatibility with its v2.1 release. TeamDrive is a collaboration software product. “TeamDrive enables groups to work together over the Internet. It’s available in both a hosted version or one that can be deployed on a company’s server. It enables users to share documents, using any FTP or WebDAV server as a relay. Any type of file can be exchanged. The service includes automatic versioning, backup and file synchronization, working in the background so as not to disrupt your work.More (see TeamDrive)

Novell and Collaboration … Novell released a new video outlining its plans in the collaboration technology space. It’s 2 minutes long. Key points: there are new tools that people use, across multiple devices, in their consumer lives. Novell’s plan: to bring these into the enterprise. There’s an indepth webcast for people wanting to know more. More

Quest on Notes Migrations … The 5.2 release of Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint is starting to enable migration of Notes application designs to Microsoft technologies. “In Notes Migrator for SharePoint 5.2 we will deliver that first of many planned design migration features: converting Notes forms to InfoPath form templates. As discussed previously, our product is already great at migrating Notes data documents to InfoPath XML data documents, but developers still had to design their InfoPath form templates from scratch. Now we are going to do a good deal of that development work for them.More

Other Items
– Registration for Collaboration University 2009 is now open.
– Time to find a document in the enterprise: 38 minutes.
– A review of some cool laptop bags. My current favorite is the Booq Folee 2M.
– OneNote 2010 will be more widely available.
– Apple released new get a Mac ads. The Elimination one is great!

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