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News Updates (May 12, 2009)

CubeTree Launch … CubeTree released its enterprise collaboration suite, with collaboration and social networking capabilities. “CubeTree today announced the availability of its enterprise collaboration suite, the industry’s first free enterprise intranet product built on a powerful social networking platform. In addition to the people-centric features offered on today’s most popular consumer social networking sites – user profiles, follow/follower news feeds, micro-blogging, etc. – CubeTree offers enterprise collaboration tools including wikis, file sharing, polls and more.” There is a free Basic edition. More

Case Study on Lotus Connections … Rheinmetall is featured in an IBM case study on Lotus Quickr and Connections. “Rheinmetall integrated IBM Lotus Quickr software for team-oriented departments and document management, IBM Lotus Sametime software for realtime collaboration and IBM Lotus Connections software for social networking into a highly standardized and flexible collaboration suite. The software helped the company implement employee profiles, employee blogs, an activities folder, online and Web conferences, and virtual team rooms, with services that included team memos, blogs, Wikis, contacts, feed readers and document libraries.More

Evernote for BlackBerry … Evernote released a client for the BlackBerry. “Evernote for BlackBerry is available from the BlackBerry App World and is free for the taking. It is compatible with all the latest models including the Storm, Bold and Curve. In addition to taking text notes for saving the user can save audio notes and video notes as well as snap still photos for posterity. Evernote is also GPS location-aware making it a full-function note app for all Crackberries to enjoy. As with all versions of Evernote, notes are synced with the Evernote cloud service.More (see also ZDNet)

Review of Beehive 1.5 … Mike Gotta weighs in on Oracle Beehive 1.5, concluding that it’s still a “work-in-progress”. “Recommendation: (1) I would skip the on-premises Enterprise Messaging component. Push Oracle on the evolution of its On-Demand direction for Enterprise Messaging. (2) I would also skip the Synchronous Collaboration component. Right now, I don’t see these capabilities as being credible in the market. (3) If you are an Oracle client (business applications, WebCenter, etc), consider piloting the Team Collaboration component. By pilot, I mean off-on-the-side to explore integration with the business applications, experiment with the potential benefits from a unified object model).More

Shawn on SharePoint … Shawn shares some “hearings” from the J Boye conference last week, re SharePoint: (1) most attendees “owned” SharePoint through an existing licensing vehicle, (2) larger organizations are struggling with real or perceived scalability challenges, (3) some attendees were surprised by the file size limits in SharePoint, and more. “While I’m hoping the upcoming 2010 version will improve the overall platform, I can’t help but think that there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Unfortunately, even Microsoft doesn’t have nearly enough time, money, and/or resources fill in all of the shortfalls. If there was ever a time where other vendors have a shot at wresting SharePoint out of the catbird’s seat, it’s now.More

TimeBridge Gets $5m … TimeBridge raised $5 million in second round financing. “TimeBridge says it has seen rapid growth over the past year, from 30,000 users to more than 300,000. The new funding comes from Mayfield Fund and Norwest Venture Partners, who also provided the company’s $6 million first round.More

Other Things
55.5 ways to increase your productivity, from Laura Stack.
– Coveo released Version 6 of Coveo Enterprise Search.
– Argument for telecommuting, to reduce infection risk.

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