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News Updates (April 27, 2009)

Wikis in the Enterprise … Ross shares a picture of how wikis work in the enterprise. “The diagram below was used in the chapter on wikis in the enterprise, to illustrate how wikis can be used in organizational activities.More

Fortune Brainstorm: Green … Evan shares some thoughts about the link between collaboration and sustainability, based on a recent Fortune summit in CA. “Collaboration connects us with a broader ecosystem that creates value for our businesses and also—in a broader sense—for the planet. Fortune Managing Editor Andy Serwer, conference chair Marc Gunther and their colleagues created a thoughtful, compelling forum in which participants not only exchanged ideas but also developed solutions together on the fly. In other words, people were collaborating and creating value.More

AIIM on SharePoint … AIIM is running a series of presentations across the US entitled “10 Steps to Business Efficiency with Content, Collaboration, and Process”. It focuses on SharePoint. “Organizations are embodied by their core business processes, and many of these are steeped in documents and content. Suddenly, the creation and sharing of business content is in the hands of many more knowledge workers, not just document specialists. And these workers are embracing collaboration technologies. The third piece in this “trifecta” is process. Process efficiency, increased effectiveness, content integrity and in line capture of organizational knowledge can all be achieved through process automation and enterprise content management. Today, Microsoft SharePoint positions itself squarely in an organization’s content infrastructure and collaborative culture. But, is SharePoint enough to reach these goals or is it simply a tool among many used to build your integrated solution?” Registration required. More

Integrating Lotus Connections and SharePoint … CorasWorks offers a solution for integrating Lotus Connections and Microsoft SharePoint. Eg, “An example of an integrated application is a Work Order Approval Process. It is used to process work orders with SharePoint with appropriate approvals, workflows and document control. However, the work orders require robust collaboration. Using the DI Toolset, you are able to extend each work order item to leverage the Activities application of Lotus Connections.” A second integration option is to use the Lotus Connections API. More

Other Things
– Review of three mind mapping tools …,, and
– Six collaboration tools that will save you money … GCalendar, instant messaging, NomaDesk (for file sharing and online storage), and more.
– The Kyocera EOS is coming, by Christmas 2009. It’s a clamshell phone, with a flexible (bendable) screen.
– Amy shares some thoughts on Netbooks.
– On creating a memorable business card (thanks Rod).

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