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News Updates (April 24, 2009)

GroupSwim Webinar … GroupSwim is hosting a Webinar on May 5 about using social software to solve business problems. “Social software is an affordable way to improve your company’s ability to address the challenging economic environment – traditional means of collaborating and communicating, internally or externally, aren’t cutting it. We will also review exciting technology we recently released and preview the next new features.” Registration required. More

Liquid Machines and Active Directory … Liquid Machines announced support for Active Directory Federation Services, for governing access to files and documents in its rights management platform. “When used with Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) and Liquid Machines Document Control client software, AD FS users can securely share intellectual property or regulated information across more than 400 file formats with external partners, suppliers and customers. Protected files can be securely exchanged between trusted third-parties using file transfer protocol (FTP), email, portable storage devices or, with the recently announced version of the Liquid Machines Gateway for SharePoint, shared externally leveraging the web-based, collaborative features of Microsoft SharePoint and the persistent information protection of Liquid Machines and Microsoft AD RMS“. More

Collaboration University 2009 … The dates for Collaboration University 2009 were announced; CU is a three-day event focused on Lotus Quickr and Sametime. “Since our first event in 2006, Collaboration University has been enabling technical professionals and business managers with the tools and skills they need to get the most from their investment in Lotus Software. By focusing squarely on a few products, providing only the most qualified industry experts as speakers and facilitators, and being an independent, business partner produced event, Collaboration University has become a premier technical training event. With a focus on Quickr, Sametime and a few Connections sessions concentrated in one place, you get the most in-depth training possible, with unprecedented access to well-known industry experts.” Dates: Chicago on September 14-16, and London September 21-23. Registration required. More

Collaboration in Business … Padmasree from Cisco argues that collaboration can drive both innovation and operational excellence. “There is a long-standing debate about what drives long term success: Is it innovation OR Operational Excellence? Traditionally we viewed this as an either-or proposition, and most companies have taken pride in being really good at one or the other. What we hear from most CEOs, CTOs and CIOs is that we need to do both — especially during the current economic downturn. We no longer have the luxury of choosing one vs. the other. Collaboration is a critical element that allows enterprises to combine operational excellence and innovation. Case in point: At Cisco we now have 28 corporate priorities we are driving, many of which we believe will turn into billion dollar growth opportunities for the company. It’s inconceivable to try to innovate on 28 priorities without having operational discipline and metrics to manage that.More

Less Email, More of Other Things … Luis talks about his quest to “give up” on email, and what it’s really all about. “I am not very much in favour of killing email per se altogether, but more on fragmenting the number of interactions, or, even better, diversifying the conversations I have coming through my Inbox and make a much more appropriate use of other collaborative, knowledge sharing and social software tools that could fit in a better purpose than an email.More

Administering SharePoint … EMC released a new product for administering SharePoint and analyzing security and availability. “The RSA Solution for Microsoft SharePoint addresses an array of security issues that arise within a large and distributed SharePoint environment. By enabling customers to gain a clear view on the current SharePoint hierarchy, as well as where sensitive data exist, RSA provides organizations the ability to more effectively evaluate their security and governance posture in order to mitigate risk and gain the most from the company’s SharePoint investment. As part of the RSA Solution, the new RSA® Secure View tool for Microsoft SharePoint provides customers with a hierarchical view of the SharePoint environment from servers to files within SharePoint sites. The tool is designed to also reveal which users have access to resources within the SharePoint deployment and eases the process of identifying where sensitive data resides within the SharePoint environment. With this insight, customers can then more effectively develop a comprehensive risk remediation strategy.More

Other Things
– A defense of Twitter, as a note-taking utility.
– A critique of Twitter, as an attention span decreaser and pondering eliminator.
– Another critique of Twitter, for eliminating reflective time.
– How unified communications technology can save lives (depends on your use case!)

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