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News Updates (April 14, 2009)

Enterprise 2.0 Disillusionment … Dennis argues that the promise of Web 2.0 as applied within organizations is quite difficult to grasp, and may yet not materialize. “The second and most serious problem with the analysis is its reliance on ‘jam tomorrow’ as an inducement to feed the trend. It is all very well saying that something is emergent but that cuts little ice in the C-suite where the current focus is on cost reduction – usually of the order of 20%.More

Strategic KM … Where’s the Problem … 70% of systemic change programmes have failed, since the mid-70s. Victor addresses the “why?” … “What we are dealing with here is the social problem of driving and selling systemic change based on managing knowledge around transactions that have remained hidden (where hidden knowledge has become power).More

Internal Chargebacks for Collaboration … Craig investigates the use of chargeback mechanisms for SharePoint, portals and collaboration systems, and ultimately recommends one approach. “The correct approach in my opinion is to charge a fixed fee based on number of potential users or something like that, regardless of usage. It’s accordingly been called a “tax”, but the result is to encourage usage since you’re paying for it whether you use it or not and may as well get your money’s worth. And the more an organization uses it, the more value they get for their tax, hence encouraging usage rather than discouraging it.” But this does not apply to early stage usage. More

MaestroConference … MaestroConference is a new web seminar and conference call service, that enables interactivity and breakout groups. “MaestroConference is a dynamic new conference call service offering all the features and convenience of your current service, plus an array of unique features found nowhere else. Our simple web interface allows you to actually facilitate; you direct the action, create learning opportunities and inspire commitment — to turn your solos into symphonies.More

Focus on the Business … Focus on the business in technology strategy, not the technology. “However, web strategy has little to do with platforms, and much more to do with supporting the goals of the business and establishing a common direction for your web activities. Just as with governance, in order to ensure implementation, you need to involve stakeholders on different levels. If you don’t focus on these things, and instead leave the strategy and governance to IT, you could end up with a situation where simply going live is your only criteria of success. I’ve talked to several business units who felt they were left stranded, trying to find the best way to make use of SharePoint, when IT moved on to new projects.More

Tools for Team Productivity … Alex outlines seven strategies to improve team effectiveness: (1) use wikis and collaboration tools, (2) use agile work methods and tools, (3) understand your users, (4) favour face-to-face communication, (5) encourage creative innovation, (6) tweak the environment to encourage “flow”, and (7) value the people. More

$3,300 Productivity Hit … Karen looks into the ability of collaboration software to help reduce the $3,300 annual cost per employee of not being able to find the right information. “Many midmarket IT organizations are looking at collaboration tools like Microsoft’s SharePoint and social technology platforms to help centralize documents, manage people, tasks and time, and ultimately improve employee productivity. But can collaboration tools actually eliminate or lessen the $3,300 per-employee productivity loss companies are experiencing?More

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