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News Updates (March 27, 2009)

SharePoint Collaboration Service Governance Plan … Microsoft released a governance plan document that gives an example of setting SharePoint up for collaboration. It’s aimed at the IT group, not the business. Lead author was Joel Oleson. More

Cisco’s Test of Collaboration … Cisco is putting itself under the gun to prove the value of collaboration: a 14x increase in capability. “Cisco’s new management strategy will enable the company to tackle 28 key objectives this year instead of the one or two it could handle in the past, CEO John Chambers said in a video interview Thursday.” Telepresence is positioned as a key enabler, but it could all devolve into just another boring set of meetings. More

Who Complements You? … “Who is your complementor? No, not your complimenter, although getting praise is often fulfilling, it’s not enough; who is the special person that adds the most value to your life’s purpose? …. The next step on the road to greatness is to find the one person that can add the greatest value to your purpose and vision.“. More

SharePoint Governance and Taxonomy … Mark is running a two day public workshop on SharePoint governance and taxonomy, in April. “This two-day workshop is designed to help your management team and SharePoint project team understand your organization’s key business needs, governance strategy, and informational taxonomy plan in simple and easy-to-understand terms.More

Face-to-Face Meetings in Virtual Worlds … IBM released a pre-release version of Sametime 3D, for customers to hold face-to-face meetings in virtual worlds. “IBM is now allowing selected clients test Sametime 3D, a new tool which will let business colleagues not only exchange instant messages and chat verbally, but also share presentations and ideas in private, prefabricated, reusable meeting spaces located in a variety of virtual worlds. These spaces will allow participants to, literally, throw ideas on the wall during a meeting to “see what sticks,” and to vote on, organize, and save the most promising proposals. Avatars can make presentations to one another, socialize, debate, or, literally, examine ideas and 3D objects from all angles.More

Other Things
– What to do about negative comments on your blog?
– The goal of education is to inspire action, not to inform.
– IBM is shedding 5000 staff to improve productivity. Eric has an idea for those that are left.
– Don’t wait for plane time: go into airplane mode periodically to increase focus.
– Apple MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM.
– Before there is collaboration, you need communication.

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