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News Updates (March 23, 2009)

Requirements for SharePoint … Dux argues that proper requirements gathering (and stating) is essential to the success of SharePoint. “You see, in some instances, SharePoint is deployed without rhyme or reason. How can you measure its’ effectiveness and success if there are no metrics established? These metrics are typically developed during the requirements development process. Requirements are formally documented and written statements. Fundamentally, it breaks down into three categories: Business Requirements, User Requirements, and System Requirements“. More

Cisco Buys Pure Digital … Cisco announced the purchase of Pure Digital for $590 million. Is this about video or data volumes? “I imagine, however, that Cisco has fallen in love with the company’s software. You just plug the Flip products into a U.S.B. port, which introduces Pure Digital’s management application. Then you can save files on a PC or hit a couple of buttons and send the videos off to YouTube, Facebook or some friends via e-mail. Cisco adores anything that pumps large volumes of data over the Internet, spiking demand for its routers and switches. And the company sees video, through things like TelePresence and online meetings, as one of the biggest creators of Internet traffic.More

Joel on Documents … Joel argues that “documents” are a relic of the past, and we won’t need them for much longer as authoring and sharing mechanisms, given newer options. “The .PPTX and the .DOCX will be used for portability and passing on the information, but how long will we really want that? Sharing our intellectual property is something we want protected. If we really want to share the information we’re going to want to squirt it into the ecosystem of the web where it can have a life and continue to live… or take a snap of it and produce a PDF or XPS. A format where it has captured the essence of where it lives.More

Five Uses for Collaboration Workspaces … Rob outlines 5 cases where collaborative workspaces offered huge value to various organizations: (1) the executive meeting and decision support, (2) global patent application management, (3) the extranet, (4) innovation feedback and reporting dashboard, and (5) deliverable and editing cycle management. In terms of the executive support one, Rob writes “In addition to arranging the meeting and agenda, the CEO’s executive assistants (and a few executives) were tasked with tallying votes, consolidating comments, and presenting a comprehensive but concise package to the CEO and all team members. Enter Quickr, in the guise of a web application that automated the entire process from uploads to presentation slide viewing (without PowerPoint, BTW) to commenting, voting, data capture, and the organization of an agenda designed to maximize the meeting’s effectiveness. Executives arrived ready and able to skip past the details (already read), comment on comments, and make decisions. Fast forward a couple years, and the meetings can be held virtually some of the time.More

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