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SharePoint for Collaboration: Business Impact Awards 2009 Program

One of the themes that I’ve heard again and again at my public and inhouse workshops on SharePoint for collaboration is the request for more, real-life case studies of organizations that are using SharePoint for collaboration, and what they’re doing with it. Yes, there is the Microsoft case study site, but as with any vendor-published case studies, they are … questioned … tainted … spin-heavy … too good to be true … in other words, they are of some value, but the people I meet with want more.

And so … (drum-roll please) … after much thought and discussion, yesterday I pushed go on a major initiative for this year: the SharePoint for Collaboration: Business Impact Awards 2009 Program. The Awards 2009 program is focused on highlighting how organizations have linked the capabilities of SharePoint with the needs of the organization in the collaboration arena. The goal of the Awards 2009 program is to discover and celebrate organizations that are achieving significant business impact through the use of SharePoint, and to provide them with a means of sharing their experience with the wider SharePoint community.

What’s your story? Tell the world, and enter the Awards 2009 program.