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News Updates (March 10, 2009)

CorasWorks Breeze … CorasWorks released the Beta of Breeze, a hosted collaboration service built on Microsoft SharePoint, and combined with other CorasWorks tools. “Breeze is an example of a virtual workplace. It is a live, hands-on environment – built by using CorasWorks modular application development software – and it runs on Microsoft SharePoint. It demonstrates how you can use modular software to design and build a web-based, virtual work environment. The Breeze environment integrates an intranet, portal, and extranet and contains more than forty-plus business applications and processes that flow across 7 departments of an organization. They work with SharePoint data, as well as data in external databases.More

Jive Social Business Software 3.0 … Jive announced version 3.0 of Clearspace, and renamed it the Social Business Software. “In addition to rolling out new features, Jive has gotten rid of the confusing Clearspace and Clearspace Community names for its products; now it’s all just Social Business Software. The services that were included in Clearspace — such as shared documents, blogs, project management, and customers comments — are now part of Foundation, the core SBS product. SBS also allows companies to create “centers” for centralized collaboration around the product’s four main uses: employee engagement, marketing and sales, innovation, and support. Then companies can buy modules to enhance the basic offerings.” Available next week. More

TimeBridge Adds Web Conferencing Service … TimeBridge added a Web conferencing service to its meeting scheduling service. “The TimeBridge Personal Conferencing Service is a full-service web and phone conferencing offering that is drastically less expensive than other conferencing services such as WebEx and GoToMeeting. The TimeBridge Personal Conferencing Service facilitates better business collaboration by allowing users to provision a phone or web conference with a single click. Since the conferencing is integrated into TimeBridge’s scheduling process, all attendees are automatically provided conferencing information via email and in their calendars.More

Ingres and Alfresco … Ingres and Alfresco announced a joint Linux-based platform, to compete with SharePoint. “The Icebreaker ECM Appliance, which melds Ingres’ database with Alfresco’s content management system, works with Linux and will run with good performance on commodity hardware, according to officials from both companies. One advantage of the tightly integrated technical pieces from two vendors is that together they save resources associated with typical up-front integration and configuration issues associated with implementing an enterprise content management solution, officials from each company said.More

Social Networks at Work … Research from MIT reports on the productivity benefits of online social networks at work, as well as face-to-face interaction. “A second study demonstrated not only that creative teams had especially nimble social-communication networks, but also that the amount of oscillation correlated with how productive the creative group judged itself to be. In this study almost 40% of the variation in creative productivity could be attributed to an oscillating pattern of communication strategies for discovery and integration. Delving deeper into the communication networks of several organizations illuminated the links between productivity and information fl ow even more. A recent MIT study found that in one organization the employees with the most extensive personal digital networks were 7% more productive than their colleagues – so Wikis and Web 2.0 tools may indeed improve productivity. In the same organization, however, the employees with the most cohesive face-to-face networks were 30% more productive.More

GM’s Collaboration Strategy … Overview of how GM is using collaboration tools to support business processes. “The expected benefits to GM of a unified global approach are greater efficiency and lower costs. In tough economic times, Killeen pointed out, SharePoint Server offers the added benefit of keeping corporate travel to a minimum, since employees are able to conduct virtual meetings with one another rather than having to get on planes to visit remote sites. To further reduce travel costs, Killeen is looking into adding IP-based audio and video conferencing to the mix.” Virtual meetings in SharePoint? Isn’t that Communicator or Live Meeting? More

Leveraging Virtual Teams and Social Tools Forum … Jessica Lipnack and others are co-running a full day forum on virtual teams and social tools, in Boston, on March 31. “In this symposium, we will explore virtual teams and social tools—and their value in leveraging knowledge. We will discuss tools and techniques, share learnings, and hear case examples. Our speakers will be: Jessica Lipnack, CEO of NetAge and co-author of Virtual Teams, and Suzanne O. Minassian, Lotus Connections Product Manager, IBM, Ken George, New Media Manager at WBUR, Chuck Hollis of EMC, and Sadalit Van Buren of Knowledge Management Associates.More

Other Things
– One way to show ROI for KM and collaboration is to proxy-estimate it by looking at the equivalent outsourcing cost. Larry argues this approach misses the point.
– It’s not a matter of information overload, but rather inadequate filters.
– Matt tackles the subject of how to deal with procrastination, and recommends a thoughtful experimentation approach.
– Ten trends affecting business travel in 2009, including #8, a decline in meetings and attendance. So then … when you can’t be together, how do you work together?

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