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Request for Interviews: Securing Collaboration Platforms

I’m working on a research report on securing collaboration platforms … as in, what are the security threats that are possible with collaboration platforms, and what are firms doing as a result. Examples could include:
– Purposeful extraction of data from a SharePoint site and disclosure of that to external parties or competitors;
– Documents with viruses being uploaded into a Lotus Quickr place;
– Access privileges being set wrong on collaborative spaces, inadvertently giving others access to what’s held inside, eg, to the Management Team’s confidential Strategy site;
– Collaboration systems that don’t support encryption of traffic; or
– Loss of an employee’s laptop, and thus all of the collaboration space data stored on it.

I’m looking to discuss the topic — securing collaboration platforms — with vendors and IT departments. The call would be 20-30 minutes, and is to be held within the next week. From vendors, I want to know what they are doing to make security a non-issue. From IT departments, I’m looking for insight into the threats they see, and what they’re doing about it. In my report, I will quote those that are willing to be quoted, and draw general trend statements for those that wish to speak off-the-record. I don’t mind either way.

Please get in touch if we can speak soon. My thanks …

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